Cybersecurity is a Pressing Concern. Computer System Inventory Can Help.


The stakes are high for security products and services companies. In order to provide their customers with reliable service, keep their own operations running smoothly and remain healthy and profitable, these organizations need to continually ensure that their own house is in order. A computer system inventory platform is a great step toward achieving that peace of mind.

Overview of Benefits

A computer system inventory platform is capable of delivering multiple benefits to security products and services companies and, ultimately, the customers they serve.

First, security companies can track their sales to determine what’s selling and what isn’t and which items need replenishment in order to avoid a run-out situation. The platform allows users to examine short- and long-term patterns, identify seasonal variations and prepare for them. Keeping a finger on the pulse of what their customers want also reduces waste. No company wants to order too much inventory and then have their products languishing on shelves. Without a system that serves up real-time inventory data, companies have few options other than relying on manual spreadsheets or even guesswork to plan their product orders.

Second, security companies can use a computer system inventory platform to make sure their own systems are running efficiently. Without routine preventive maintenance and updates, outages and even security breaches could occur, placing their customers’ own security and trust in jeopardy. These systems allow users to set up alerts that remind them to schedule updates and service and minimize or avoid altogether any disruption in service.

Third, security companies may use a computer system inventory platform to conduct routine audits of their products and the technology fixed assets they depend on to run their business. Knowing exactly what they have, what condition those items are in, and where they’re located is imperative, as is making sure that their physical audits match their records. Come tax time, when companies report their inventory and assets and calculate depreciation, accuracy helps them avoid fines and other penalties. Routine audits and inventory tracking in general also help security products and services companies minimize theft and loss, including costly ghost assets.

Fourth, computer system inventory platforms help security companies stay on top of customer orders and records and track receipts. Accessing a customer’s order history is quick and easy and no longer requires shuffling through paperwork. This kind of efficiency minimizes confusion and delays and keeps customer satisfaction high.

It's Time to Change Cybersecurity Tactics

In February, Security magazine reported on the Top Seven Cybersecurity Trends in 2020 based on a report issued by TUV Rhineland. The article describes several new tactics that suggest hackers are finding new ways to compromise our data. For example, vulnerabilities in real-time operating systems that suggest that “the procedure of always installing the latest security updates will no longer be effective.” The magazine cites an example in which 11 vulnerabilities in a company’s real-time operating system placed 200 million IoT devices at potential risk of remote code execution, or RCE, attacks. “This level of weakness is a major challenge as it is often deeply hidden in a large number of products and organizations may not even notice that these vulnerabilities exist.”

It’s clear that hackers are becoming more sophisticated, which is driving apprehensive companies to increase their cybersecurity spend. Security companies that keep their own equipment running efficiently and can keep service standards high will be well-positioned to attract this increased demand.

Asset Panda’s computer system inventory platform puts your real-time data within reach via your smartphone 24 hours day. From our robust features and ease of use to our custom role-based security, world-class customer service and competitive price point, Asset Panda is the best-in-class choice for security products and services companies.


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