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Many businesses turn to Google Workspace as an alternative to regular inventory software or manual data entry. With features like cloud compatibility, user and device management, and easy mobile integration, this popular application helps companies get work done in any environment.

Here's Why Companies Love Using Google Workspace

Google Workspace's cloud-based applications have three main features that make it easy for all of your employees to access company documents. Multiple employees can access documents at the same time, so everyone can be on board with what is going on without having to sacrifice usability and accuracy of information.

One of the biggest perks of using Google Workspace is having one account for everything. Whether you need email, spreadsheets, calendar, or slideshow creation, you can do it all from one account. You can set up notifications for meetings and other important tasks that need your attention.

Google Workspace also highlights how easy it is to have teams work within its wide array of applications. All of your team members can access the documents that are relevant to them at any time. This reduces the need for memos and catching everyone up because they are able to see information within each document instead of relying on someone else to tell them what they missed.

"The integration makes it easy to sync all of the information you've got saved in your Google applications to your inventory tracking processes in our platform."

Why You Should Use Asset Panda's Google Workspace Integration for Inventory Software

Asset Panda is an incredibly intuitive inventory software, created to help your business track equipment and product for as long as you have them. We purposefully created an easily customizable system, so that your business can track inventory in a way that makes sense to the way you do things.

You might be thinking you have to choose between using one system or another. However, Asset Panda's Google Workspace integration means you can continue using those applications in a way that makes sense. The integration makes it easy to sync all of the information you've got saved in your Google applications to your inventory tracking processes in our platform.

This integration makes it easy to access Google's device manager, mobile management, and the directory you've already built up in Google Workspace. You shouldn't have to go to the effort of entering all of the information twice and setting up another program when you've already got a good system set up.

Adding this integration to your Asset Panda experience makes it easy to use both applications at the same time. The specific features you'll be able to access are the Google Device Manager, Google Single Sign-On, and Google Directory functions:

  • The Google Device Manager helps administrators manage relevant Chrome devices from one location. Integrating this feature makes it easy for your team to add the devices they use all at once instead of having to log in to them individually.
  • Google Single Sign-On allows you to sync over users from your Google account into Asset Panda and log in with those same credentials, simplifying the process of keeping track of user passwords and increasing security within your application by making it easier to grant and revoke access to the system.
  • The last feature is the ability to see and upload the Google Directory. This makes it easy to manage and retrieve user information. You can see everyone connected to your database and how they have previously interacted with your company.

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