Equipment Asset Tracking Works – Just Ask the Users

In many companies, the equipment they use is the lifeblood in making day to day operations run smoothly. If the equipment isn’t available for some reason, work stops. Productivity comes to a screeching halt. Time and money are going out the door. That’s why equipment asset tracking should be a mandatory action for any company (of any size) that uses equipment of some type.

There are a lot of bits and pieces involved in the process of maintaining and tracking your equipment. But the more aware you are of what you have, where it is and what condition it is in, the better prepared you are to answer to co-workers when equipment is needed.

What a Good Equipment Asset Tracking System Tells You

As mentioned, with any type of asset, it’s always important to know what you have, where it is and its condition. When you have those 3 pieces of information readily available, you are already ahead of the game.

But by having a solid platform in place in terms of tracking your expensive and important equipment, you avoid a plethora of other problems that can arise. Here are some other benefits of equipment asset tracking you might not have considered:
  • Make informed decisions about your equipment inventory and where it should be allocated.
  • Respond to missing or stolen equipment sooner when you have current records of all identification numbers.
  • Increased accountability among employees when they are responsible for maintaining up to date data about the equipment they are using. And bonus … more accountability lowers theft and costs associated with purchasing new equipment.
  • Keeps an up-to-date maintenance history on all of your equipment, ensuring that you stay on schedule with routine maintenance and prevents minor issues from becoming more expensive repairs or even replacement.
  • Helps you stay on top of routine inspections.

Asset Panda’s equipment asset tracking platform is the simplest tool you’ll find on the market, and yet the most versatile and cost-effective. Based on free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda requires nothing but the smartphones and tablets your employees already carry. Because it’s cloud-based, Asset Panda delivers real-time data accessible anytime, from anywhere. This incredibly user-friendly platform is totally customizable, from the custom dashboard to the fields, notifications, alerts and role- and location-based security settings.

Asset Panda has users from all sorts of industries who use the platform for equipment asset tracking. Here are 3 examples direct from the users of how Asset Panda has been instrumental in their equipment asset tracking capabilities:

Construction Equipment

We didn’t know what employees were assigned which tools or how many tools were at a specific job site. Expensive pieces of equipment were constantly lost or misplaced which led to spending money unnecessarily on replacing equipment. Employees were wasting time searching for assets that should have been easy to locate. Bottom line is that there was no accountability.

That all changed when we added Asset Panda to our arsenal of management tools – it has absolutely changed the way we work. With Asset Panda, we are now able to hold people accountable for lost equipment. No matter where we are in the state, we can pull up the app and see where all of our assets are located. We can see how many tools are at a job site and what employee has what. If a tool needs to be used at a different job site, we can simply look on Asset Panda to see where that specific tool is and easily retrieve it.
-VerHalen Inc.

Medical Equipment

We have 4 warehouses that service 3 states. Our equipment is moved from warehouse to warehouse, and then from warehouse to patients in private homes and nursing facilities.

Before we started using Asset Panda, 2 of our 4 warehouses were using spreadsheets to track our assets. One warehouse was using pen and paper. And another was faxing paper records to our corporate office, which then had to enter it into to some type of Unix system. This was simply not an effective way to track the equipment that our staff and our patients rely on every day.

Thanks to Asset Panda, we are able to keep up with all of our equipment as it moves from place to place. We know where our equipment is at any given time, and we no longer have equipment missing.
-Unity Hospice

AV Equipment

Our company is an online media site and we provide viewers with the latest news, events, dining experiences and happenings in the region. So having the right equipment like cameras, tripods, and stabilizers available to capture all the people, places and events we cover on a daily basis is of utmost importance. Without having the knowledge of where these critical pieces of equipment are for our staff to use and ensuring it is all in proper working condition at all times, we would not be able to deliver the desired content visitors or potential visitors seek.

Asset Panda has helped us stay organized and is already proving to be cost-effective in that we have been able to keep track of assets so we don’t have to buy duplicate items, or if anything is lost or missing we know who had it last and can more easily track down the item.
-I Love Qatar

The Asset Panda philosophy is that you should be able to track your assets exactly how you want. You won’t find a more powerful or cost-effective equipment asset tracking tool on the market. Give us a free 14-day trial by visiting


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