Why Multiple-Location Companies Need an Equipment Maintenance App

Mid- to large-sized companies often conduct business out of multiple locations. With consumer and client demand across the country, and sometimes across the globe, it's impossible to operate out of just one facility. Even with the migration to the digital space, sometimes one location just won't cut it.

When a chain uses the same equipment across multiple locations, keeping track of each machine can become challenging. Keeping track of when the machines need to go in for maintenance can feel impossible, especially if the company still relies on spreadsheets or pen and paper for record-keeping.

That's where an equipment maintenance app comes in handy. With the right software, larger companies can save time while communicating maintenance information.

Keep your valuable data all in one place. With the right app, you can easily track the following:

Maintenance Schedules and History

Accessing maintenance schedules helps you predict when certain pieces of equipment need to be maintained. Having access to this information will help you make informed scheduling decisions and prevent delays when it comes to getting your work done. When you know ahead of time that a particular piece of equipment will be out of commission, you can make adjustments to your work schedule. Even better, you can schedule equipment maintenance during slower times of the work season, so you don't have to miss any productive time.

Equipment Location

If one of your locations lends a piece of equipment to another and doesn't get it back right away, they can check your database to see if it has gone in for maintenance. If it hasn't, you'll know exactly where it is and who to contact. You won't need to chase down everyone in your company to get information.

Upkeep and Repair Needs

Replacing equipment can get expensive. Repair costs are often much lower than buying a new piece of equipment completely. When you have an asset's repair history, you'll know how much it ends up costing you overall. Seeing this information over a period of time will help you see if an asset's upkeep cost is worth maintaining, or if it would be better to invest in some new equipment. When you have all of the repair and maintenance information in front of you, your company can make smarter decisions and save money.

Equipment Usage History

If you find a certain location ends up checking out specific equipment several times, it might be more beneficial to invest in equipment for that location. Transportation costs and time spent traveling should be factored in to the decision. Having a centralized database where all of your employees can check and update each entry will help you form a better overall picture of where your equipment is being put to use.


Asset Panda's cloud-based equipment maintenance app helps you keep track of all of the information above and more. With our flexible interface, you and your employees can work to keep your database up-to-date while keeping all of your information secure and protected. Current information about your assets and equipment helps you make the best decisions when it comes to maintenance scheduling, repairs, and equipment replacement. Our application program interface works with the software you already use, so you don't have to spend hours transferring information.

Want to see how Asset Panda can save you money and make equipment sharing across locations easier? Sign up for a free demo today!

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