FitSmallBusiness Names Asset Panda Best Asset Management Platform for Small Businesses


FitSmallBusiness helps small businesses with extensive research to identify the best solutions to fit their needs. In a head-to-head showdown among three different Asset Management platforms, they crowned Asset Panda the winner.

"We recommend Asset Panda as the best overall asset management software. Asset Panda is a fully featured and highly customizable asset management solution that, in many cases, may be a more economical option than Freshservice or Samanage." - Gavin Graham, FitSmallBusiness

There are many options on the market for tracking assets, but FitSmallBusiness cites Asset Panda’s robust set of features, customization options, ease of use, and unique pricing model as examples of the system’s advantages over the competition.

Their review also listed a lot of important Asset Panda features:

  • Custom fields to track and label assets in a way that makes sense for your business
  • Geolocation for tracking the location assets when they’re scanned
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Custom barcode and QR code printing and scanning
  • Custom reports for compiling and sharing vital business data
  • User roles for customizing access levels and maintaining security
  • Maintenance management to ensure that repairs and calibrations are tracked properly


FitSmallBusiness was impressed with Asset Panda’s flexibility, which gives users “the ability to create custom fields and actions — all without the need to write any code.” That customization enables Asset Panda to work the way you do, no matter what you’re tracking. If you need the warehouse to know when an employee checks out equipment for a job site, a supervisor to be notified when the employee finishes the job, and technicians to get a reminder that the equipment needs calibration, Asset Panda can follow along every step of the way and make sure everyone is in the loop.

Mobile Apps

FitSmallBusiness also found that they “preferred Asset Panda’s mobile app to the others” for enabling Android and iOS devices to be used as barcode and QR code scanners for quickly accessing and updating information about assets. Those apps, combined with a powerful web-based interface, create a solution that works for everyone in your business no matter where they are. With all that data in your pocket, you’ll save time by avoiding manual spreadsheet tasks and save money by tracking everything from warranty status to repair requirements and depreciation.


Beyond the feature set of the software, FitSmallBusiness said, “one of Asset Panda’s best features is its unique pricing model.” While many in the industry charge on a per-user basis, Asset Panda is designed to scale with the number of assets you’re trying to track. That way businesses of any size can make sure everyone has access to the information they need without being forced to choose between paying a fortune or playing musical chairs with user seats.

Asset Panda’s goal is to help the world work smarter. We believe we can accomplish that goal by providing an asset tracking solution that goes above and beyond to provide companies with the tools they need at a price that makes sense. For more information about how we can get you started with the best asset management platform for small businesses, sign up for a free guided tour.


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Jon is Asset Panda's Digital Marketing Manager, and has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years. His roles have included online learning development, search engine marketing, and leading teams of marketing experts.

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