Free IT Asset Tracking Software: What Should You be Looking For?

Ready to lose the Excel spreadsheets and give free IT asset tracking software a try? That’s a smart move. But where to begin? A simple Google search of the term “free IT asset tracking software,” and you’ve got too many choices to count. Aren’t they all the same? Hardly. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find quite a bit of differentiation among features, price points, flexibility and customization, and ease of use. All of these factors make a profound difference in the success of your IT asset tracking efforts. For starters, user-friendliness: If your free IT asset tracking software is too complicated, your employees aren’t going to use it. Sure, you can offer extensive training to get them better acquainted with the system, but your employees already are busy enough. You want your new software to be an easy sell to people of all levels of technical proficiency. Then, the features: No two organizations are the same. Some products on the market take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to IT asset tracking, locking you in to a specific set of features that you can’t cherry-pick or customize to meet your needs. Still others require you to purchase additional hardware or software and software licenses to use, and/or limit you to a specific number of users, after which you’re charged a fee.

Business is hard enough. Your IT asset tracking shouldn’t have to be. That’s the very philosophy behind Asset Panda’s powerful mobile asset tracking platform. This Dallas-based company was founded on the belief that clients should be able to track their assets exactly how they want, period. The company’s free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud to deliver real-time, accurate data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no additional hardware or software to purchase, and the app includes a mobile barcode scanner for easy asset uploading. Add as many users as you want; you won’t be charged any more for the privilege. When you can bring all of your stakeholders into the communication loop, you increase accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

Asset Panda’s features are extensive, and every client receives full access to all of them. Our clients, representing large and small organizations from nearly every industry in countries worldwide, enjoy the flexibility of a tool that enables them to select the features most relevant to their business needs. Best of all, the app is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become prevalent in the future. We’re moving toward a new age in which the Internet of Things will allow us to track nearly everything, and Asset Panda has already prepared for that reality.

Customize the app’s features as you see fit. From the dashboard to the columns and fields, reports and notifications, alerts and security settings, you call the shots on how your data is displayed and organized. From the palm of your hand, you have a comprehensive view over the entire lifecycle of any asset, from its initial acquisition to its periodic maintenance, movement throughout your company and ultimately, its retirement and replacement. Monitor such information as check-in-/check-out status, insurance expiration, depreciation, lease/purchase information, and GPS coordinates. Schedule servicing and even use the tool as an enterprise service desk to help reduce your support call volume.

When your vital IT asset tracking information is both real time and accurate, and it’s as near as your hand, you eliminate guesswork, errors and frustration while saving your company significant and measurable revenue. You won’t find a more powerful IT asset tracking solution for a better value. See for yourself – give Asset Panda a try free for 14 days. To get started, visit

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