Have You Considered the Benefits of IT Asset Software?

IT asset software is likely to be an organization’s most powerful tool for preserving what surely represents one of their most significant investments. Each year, companies of every size, scope and industry shell out thousands upon thousands for their IT assets, including everything from monitors and servers to laptops and mobile devices, plus printers, copiers, and other must-have equipment. Each of those assets must be routinely serviced, updated and otherwise maintained in good working order to ensure not only the maximum productivity of employees but also the maximum lifespan of this equipment – the return on companies’ investment.

Some organizations lean on the philosophy that they can continue to use computer equipment until it breaks down entirely. That’s a rather short-sighted perspective, though. When you consider the effect on employees’ productivity when they’re relying on slow computers, you begin to realize that you’re losing valuable hours, which subsequently can have a domino effect on your productivity throughout the organization. Additionally, when employees have to put up with slow-moving machines, their ensuring frustration can have an impact on morale.

The much smarter approach is to keep up with your updates and maintenance through a reliable IT asset software solution. IT asset software can help you create equipment refresh schedules, plan your budgets accordingly, and phase out your equipment before it becomes a detriment to employee productivity and morale. Other benefits include:

"You’ll save money because emergency repairs are much costlier and often far more intensive than simple routine maintenance."


You’ll reduce security risks to your company. Greater awareness of the location and condition of your IT assets can help you curb such events as data breaches, IT asset theft and other adverse events that can put your company and your clients at risk.

You’ll avoid the fees that can come from being out of compliance with your hardware and software licenses.

Your IT assets have the unique distinction of being your most vital and you are most vulnerable. IT asset theft is prevalent, partly because employees take their company-issued assets, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, with them wherever they go. It’s just too difficult to manage your IT assets with an Excel spreadsheet. Each of those assets is attached to data that always changes, from their respective locations and conditions to their maintenance schedules, depreciation, and more. With IT asset software, all of your information lives in one convenient location, accessible to all of your stakeholders. And that’s key because you want all of your IT asset stakeholders included in the communication loop. Communication gaps reduce accountability and accuracy and create confusion.

When choosing your IT asset software, find yourself a solution that provides you mobile access. The reality is that our work hardly happens at the office anymore. With mobile access, you can review your data from anywhere at any time.

Asset Panda established the gold standard in the IT asset software market with its powerful, flexible mobile platform. Our free mobile apps sync with the cloud, providing you real-time access to your asset data. There’s no need for additional hardware with Asset Panda; everything you need to manage the entire lifecycle of your IT assets lives in the palm of your hand. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, you can use Asset Panda.


Asset Panda has been named #104 on the Inc. 5000 list, #9 in the Software Industry, and #4 overall in Texas.

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