Identifying Your Right IT Asset Tracking Solution

As a business or organization grows and more assets are added, it’s not uncommon for them to lose track of what assets they have and where they are. If there are multiple offices or locations, asset tracking can become even more convoluted and there is a greater possibility of errors that can have a detrimental impact. Thanks to advances in asset tracking technology there is an IT asset tracking solution available for businesses both large and small that will fit the needs of all stakeholders as they grow and change.

Tracking assets is just as important as tracking inventory. Regardless of whether the assets are physical, mobile, or IT-based, you need to know their status, location, maintenance schedule, and other pertinent information. This basic knowledge ensures that they don’t become lost or stolen, and alleviates the time, cost, and productivity required to locate or replace lost and missing assets. To achieve this, you need to have the right asset tracking solution in place.

When it comes to finding the perfect partner in an IT asset tracking solution, time is of the essence. Manually compiling an inventory of your IT assets can take a huge amount of time and requires the use of considerable resources. There is also the added possibility that users may have received incorrect data from remote workers who shouldn’t have access to inventory or asset tracking software. And then once a problem has been identified, there is the issue of taking the time to fix said problem and find a solution so that it doesn’t happen again.

Keeping up with growth is another important factor in determining the best IT asset tracking solution for a business. A business may only start out needing to track 100s of assets, but as it grows and more employees are added to the workforce, having a single scalable solution already in place that will grow and change WITH you is of utmost importance. Being proactive in this thinking will keep things manageable and simple for future planning and implementation.

One of the most critical factors when looking at IT asset tracking solutions is mobility. As workplace mobility increases, tracking IT assets can become more challenging and finding an easy to implement solution is even more important. Assets can be moved from place to place – sometimes in the same building or other times across the country or even across the world! The challenge business face with tracking assets that are increasingly on the move is in identifying who has which asset, where they are, and the status of said asset. An effective IT asset tracking solution can quickly locate any asset no matter where it is, identify which user has checked in/out the equipment, review the costs of the assets and the associated maintenance schedule. Basically, one has the ability to track assets through their entire lifecycle from purchase through to decommissioning, and a proven IT asset tracking solution will allow users to see the most up-to-date status anytime anywhere in real time, error-free. Try doing that with a spreadsheet!

When you have the right IT asset tracking solution in place, your IT staff can focus on development, testing new products, or training on the next generation of tools to make a business more efficient – all while your asset tracking software handles the routine tasks that used to take time better spent elsewhere.

Asset Panda is the ultimate IT asset tracking solution, optimizing your IT department by streamlining the process of tracking, managing, and supporting your IT asset tracking needs while simplifying every task related to them.

 Flexible enough to change as your needs change, Asset Panda’s unlimited fields and configurability allow the platform to become whatever you need it to be. Your team has anywhere, anytime access to the real-time information they need: from serial number and model to who has the asset, where it’s located, and so on. Data gathering is simple with our free Mobile App with built-in scanner, eliminating the need for costly scanning hardware. With visibility to the entire lifecycle of a particular asset you can better track and manage maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Your team can work from anywhere on their own smartphones or tablets, or even just login online. Our intuitive interface makes using Asset Panda a breeze, and integration with your existing systems is just as quick and easy.

See for yourself how Asset Panda can be the only IT asset tracking solution your company needs with a free 14-day trial. Visit us today at

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