Inventory Label Printer: Your First Step Toward Better Efficiency

It’s one of the most formidable challenges any company will face: managing their inventory, and an inventory label printer can help significantly in that regard, as part of a powerful and integrated inventory management system. The benefits of inventory management are obvious for larger companies, but even smaller organizations will experience improved efficiency with a well-chosen system. An inventory label printer produces barcodes that help a company track the movement of their inventory (incoming shipments, sales, movement within the warehouse, or transfer to another location) and monitors inventory levels, so as to avoid an understocking or overstocking situation – both costly scenarios in terms of customer service and bottom-line revenues. If a company carries a great diversity of inventory, barcode labels allow for detailed, efficient categorization and easier management while saving you time. And, when a company introduces a seasonal product line, an inventory label printer makes it easy to introduce those periodic lines to the inventory and track their sales.

Companies are simply too busy to monitor the constant movement and changing levels of their inventory using a manual system. And it’s just as well because manual systems are terribly unreliable. First, the human element: Errors aren’t a question of if, but when you’re manually keying in numbers. Mistakes can throw off your recordkeeping and produce bigger issues, like excess inventory that sits on your shelves, ultimately becomes outdated and eats up your profits. Typos and other forms of oversight can also throw off your forecasting efforts. The automation associated with an inventory management system allows you to rest easy knowing that you’re basing your forecasts and other financial decisions upon accurate, real-time data. Best of all, everything related to your inventory – quantity, condition, value, location and so much more – live in one centralized, integrated place. You can bring every stakeholder into the inventory management conversation, which subsequently raises the bar on accountability, accuracy, and productivity across the board.

With Asset Panda, it’s easy not only to produce inventory labels, but also track and manage your inventory. The most powerful mobile inventory management system in the world, Asset Panda empowers organizations to manage their inventory any way they want. Because it’s cloud-based, your data is always in real time, allowing you to the access up-to-the-minute figures you need to run your business the right way.

Using Asset Panda’s free iOS or Android app, you have at your fingertips the entire lifecycle of your inventory – even as your company grows and your volume of data follows suit. You’re able to analyze trends, prepare for seasonal variations and maintain adequate inventory while maximizing your profits. Asset Panda allows you to add as many stakeholders as you want – and without an additional fee – and every client receives full access to our complete and customizable features offered. You won’t need any extra hardware to use the tool, only the smartphones or tablets you and your employees already carry. In fact, the app even includes a mobile barcode scanner. You can also use Asset Panda to monitor and manage the condition, location, value and movement of the tools and equipment that support your business.

A user-friendly, intuitive interface makes this incredibly powerful and flexible inventory management platform a snap to use. The best way to understand Asset Panda’s capabilities is to try it yourself – free – for 14 days. To learn more, visit


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