Inventory Management Software Enables Easy Barcode, Asset Tracking

On the lookout for an inventory management software package? Among the numerous features you should be looking for is easy barcode upload and tracking. Above all, you want a system that’s intuitive, so even your employees with minimal technological proficiency and/or confidence will find it easy to use without hesitation. Many inventory management software products on the market today require the use of separate handheld barcode scanners. Those can be expensive and limit the number of users you can bring into the communication loop. One critical aspect of ease of use is the elimination of extraneous pieces of hardware. Quite simply, the more you have to keep up with, the more difficult it becomes to manage your inventory efficiently. Ideally, your inventory management software shouldn’t require you to purchase a separate barcode scanner – or any additional hardware, software or software licenses, for that matter. The more streamlined, the better.

The best inventory management procedures are those that bring everyone involved in the lifespan of an asset or inventory item into the conversation. When everyone’s talking, accountability and accuracy improve. Items are far less likely to just fall through the cracks. You save time, money and frustration. And you provide your customers with better, more responsive service.

And barcodes are just the beginning. They’re your entrée into what should be comprehensive inventory data. You want to be able to analyze information on a granular level as well as at a high level, so that you can anticipate potential over- or understock situations and respond accordingly, before they become bigger issues. The ability to generate and issue reports is also important, and you should be able to organize and display your data in the way that makes sense for your organization. After all, no two companies are alike, so a cookie cutter approach to inventory management doesn’t work.

Asset Panda considered all of these best practices and more when developing its inventory management software product, the most powerful platform in the world. Because it’s based on free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, it’s quick and easy to add items into the system. Once you scan in an item, you can add voice notes, documents, photos or videos, as applicable. Because our free app syncs with the cloud, your data is served up in real time, all the time.

Best of all, everything you need to host and track inventory lives in the palm of your hand. Using your smartphone or tablet (or use the web app, if you prefer), you can verify within seconds whether you’ve already purchased an item, track down an existing item and/or send reports directly to insurance companies and other stakeholders. The app can also store appreciation and depreciation figures, the condition of any item, its location and the identity of the current user, as well as its complete maintenance history.

Asset Panda is nothing if not user-friendly; the interface and nearly all features are completely customizable. Modify the dashboard, columns, fields, security settings, notifications, alerts and other actions according to your specific needs. You won’t need any extensive training to master this simple, flexible tool. But, if you have any questions, our world-class support staff is at your fingertips.

If you’re ready to cut waste, increase accuracy and empower your staff to make informed decisions about your inventory, try Asset Panda free for 14 days. Some of the world’s biggest brands trust us to manage millions of dollars’ worth of their inventory. Find out why. To get started, go to

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