Why You Can’t Trust Default Inventory Scanner Software

If you currently use handheld scanners, you're more than likely using a default inventory scanner software to sort your items. However, this technology probably isn’t optimized for inventory management.

Many companies don't think of inventory management on a daily basis, which is why they often just work with the software included with their scanners. However, this "going with the flow" stance often creates more work than necessary in terms of inventory, here's why.

Inventory Scanner Software is Optimized for Scanning, Not Management

One of the biggest problems with only using the scanning software that comes with your barcode scanners is that it wasn’t created for managing your company's entire inventory. However, many companies will get scanners, pair them up with spreadsheets and call it a day.

When using this approach, many of the aspects of inventory management get ignored. You can’t track maintenance requirements or usage patterns.

Inventory Scanners Don’t Work in a Vacuum

Inventory scanners are single-function items. That means they need to connect to other processes to be useful. Using software that only accounts for one function of your process is cumbersome and will only create more problems down the line.

Good inventory management platforms will have built-in inventory scanning software applications. While you might have to get specific hardware, it’ll be worth it because you’ll have invested in a holistic approach to your inventory management approach.

Information Gained Through Scanners Needs to be Stored

When you’re scanning items in your inventory, you need to send that information to other parts of your database. If your scanners can’t transmit that data where you need to store it, they’re no longer useful.

Whatever scanner hardware you decide to use, it needs to connect to your company database. Instead of getting an inventory scanner first, figure out what type of database works best for your operation and go from there.

Depending on what type of inventory management you need, you may not need very complicated inventory scanning options. Scanning applications available on a smartphone may be all you need to manage your inventory properly.

Inventory Scanner Approach Applies to the Rest of Your Business

If you go with the flow when it comes to your inventory scanners, there's a great chance that approach will carry out to other aspects of your business. Being easy-going with your work process is not a good trait to have for business success.

Managing your inventory doesn’t have to be a stressful process. With the right planning, you can keep your workplace calm and streamlined. Inventory management can change to work with many supervisory personalities. There are only few instances where it wouldn't be helpful.

Inventory management should work to support you. If you’re ever in a position where you have to change what works well for your business, then the tools supporting you are probably too complex. Asset Panda has created an intuitive system to assist you with your inventory management needs. Our platform works with mobile devices and other inventory scanners.

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