Inventory Stickers Save Time and Reduce Data Entry Errors

Forward-thinking companies which have thousands of items in their inventory are constantly looking for ways to improve their inventory process. One way in which your company can improve inventory tracking is by using inventory stickers. That's right - sometimes, less advanced technology can actually end up being the most beneficial!

Though it might seem a bit outdated, there are several ways in which using inventory stickers can help your company. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Using Labels Reduces Data Entry Errors

Having to manually enter or look up inventory information leaves a lot of room for error. Even if your employees are working hard to do things correctly, they are only human. Everyone makes mistakes, even on their best days. Using labels that are easy to scan means your team is less likely to make errors in data entry, creating a more accurate inventory database overall.


"Knowing where each kind of information is stored makes it easy for you to scan each entry, get what you need, and carry on with your workday."


Inventory Stickers Make For Quick Identification

Scanning a label is much faster than manually typing something, or writing it down to look up later. Barcode scanners, or even the smartphones your employees already carry with them, can pull up inventory records in a matter of seconds. This might not make a big difference scanning one or two items, but when you have hundreds of items to manage, this can end up saving your team hours each week.

Scanning Barcodes Creates Uniform Inventory Records

Inventory records that aren't formatted the same way make it difficult to get the information you are looking for. If they look different, you might end up spending a lot of time trying to find something that should be easy to locate. Using inventory stickers makes it easy for you to format all of your inventory records in the same way. Knowing where each kind of information is stored makes it easy for you to scan each entry, get what you need, and carry on with your workday.

Accessing Inventory Information Through Stickers Saves Time

Barcode stickers are super easy to use. All you have to do is have a device that scans the barcode and pulls up inventory records, and use it with each sticker. This is much easier than manually entering the data you're looking for. You only have to apply stickers to each item of inventory once, instead of constantly re-entering data.

Asset Panda works well with the mobile devices your employees already carry with them. All they have to do is pull out their smartphones or tablets and use the scanning technology to pull up inventory records. Our cloud-based database makes it easy for any of your employees to pull up relevant inventory information on the floor, and continue organizing your items.

Customizable fields also make it easy for your team to track anything related to your inventory items. Whether you want to include pictures, industry standards, and regulations, or any other relevant piece of information, our platform makes it easy to do exactly that.

One of our clients, Goodyear, uses our platform to track the equipment used in their factories to make the items they sell to their customers. They used our flexible platform to put in special protocols for approval and further communication between employees on the floor and the finance department.

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