To Manage Your Inventory, Mobile Company is Your Best Bet

To track your inventory the right way, you need a mobile company. In other words, you need a solution that enables you to manage your assets from your mobile device. Work doesn’t stay at the office anymore. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll need access to some piece of vital information about your inventory after hours. The more user-friendly and portable your inventory management solution, the better your chances for success. While it's not difficult to find an inventory mobile company, they’re not all the same. You’ll want to examine their finer details before you take the plunge.

First, consider ease of use. Just because an inventory management system is mobile doesn’t mean it’s automatically easy to understand. Look for a product that’s been designed with the user in mind, offering an interface and features that are simple to navigate and understand. Ideally, you want an inventory system that’s so easy, even the most technologically challenged employee can use it with confidence.

Second, price. While it’s not everything, it’s obviously important. The initial cost of an inventory management system might seem attractive, but there may be some hidden costs that don’t reveal themselves until you take a closer look. For instance, you’ll want to examine per-user fees. Some companies will place a cap on the number of users you can add, after which point you’ll be charged an additional fee.

Third, features. An inventory product can have a slew of features, but are those features actually relevant to your needs? Will you use them? Does the mobile company you’re considering continually talk to its clients, do research and testing and introduce new features according to client feedback? Can you select the features you need at the moment, then make changes as you see fit?

Fourth, customization/flexibility. The best inventory solutions allow you to display and organize your data how you want; they adapt to your needs. You’ll want to find a product, then, that’s as customizable and flexible as possible. You should be able to move data in and out of the tool, and display it in a relevant way for your stakeholders. And, as your needs change in the future, it should be easy to make modifications to your settings.

Asset Panda had all of these checkpoints in mind when they designed the world’s most powerful inventory mobile solution. This forward-thinking company is dedicated to ongoing research and development, and is continually adding new innovation to provide better service to clients.

Asset Panda is powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner. So there’s no need for a separate handheld barcode scanner – or any additional hardware or software, for that matter. You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge. Without a cap on users, you can bring all of your stakeholders into the inventory conversation, and that increases accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization. The free app is extremely intuitive, and every Asset Panda client receives full access to the entire features suite. Simply pick the features most relevant to your business. Asset Panda is also completely customizable, from the columns and fields to the security settings, notifications, alerts, and reports. And it’s flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future – so with Asset Panda, you’ve got an inventory management partner for life.

Give Asset Panda a try free for 14 days, and find out why clients throughout the world trust our inventory mobile company to help them manage millions of dollars’ worth of inventory. To get started, visit


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