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If you’re in the market for IT asset management software, a simple Google search will present you with a long list of options. While a lot of those products may sound great on the surface, the devil’s in the details. With a bit of investigation, it’s clear that there’s actually quite a bit of difference among IT asset management software products. Ease of use, flexibility, a robust features offering and value: Those are among the primary features you should be looking for.

Information Technology assets represent a significant portion of every organization’s inventory. And given the mobility of our devices, it’s easy to see how keeping up with laptops, tablets, phones, scanners, keyboards, monitors and more can be a logistical headache. Your IT assets are often changing hands throughout your organization. You’re acquiring new items every day. Assets break down, are lost or stolen.

Traditionally, companies have kept spreadsheets to track the whereabouts and condition of their IT assets. The reality is that employees forget to maintain those records – and, relying on manual entry, those spreadsheets are subject to error. In many cases, no single employee owns the job of tracking assets, making duplication of efforts or simple neglect all-too common occurrences.

Asset Panda has ushered in New Age fixed asset tracking with a platform unrivaled by any in the industry for its power, customization capabilities, simplicity and price point. With Asset Panda, your employees have real-time access to the location, condition and other data for each of your IT assets – all from the mobile devices they already carry. There’s no additional hardware or software required to use Asset Panda; our system harnesses the power of the cloud and mobile technology. Our free iOS and Android sync with the cloud and include a built-in scanner, so no separate scanners are needed. You’re entitled to multiple number of users at no additional charge.

With Asset Panda, you have in the palm of your hand a comprehensive directory of each of your IT assets. You can check items in or out, review purchase/lease information, check the complete history of any asset -- including service contract information -- and even schedule maintenance. Asset Panda will then email a support ticket to your technician, if you choose. With Asset Panda configured as your service desk, you can cut down on your support call volume. More accurate data, in turn, means fewer lost or stolen items, savings on property insurance and taxes, faster and more accurate audits. When you have the assurance that the data in your hands is 100 percent accurate, there’s no more guesswork involved in your equipment repair and replacement decisions.

Our philosophy is that our clients should be empowered to track their vital assets any way they want. That’s why we’ve designed a platform whose flexibility is unparalleled by any of our competitors, with features like custom dashboard; custom fields, forms, alerts, notifications and reporting; calendar; custom API; and unlimited custom reporting and exporting.

Despite its rich features, Asset Panda is extremely simple to use, with an easy and flexible user interface both on the web and mobile app; sortable columns; configurable views; built-in search; the ability to link groups of data; custom role-based security; mobile audit/GPS tracking; barcode generator; and so much more. If you have any questions, our support staff is at your fingertips.

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