Your IT Inventory System at Work


IT departments have a wide range of equipment they are responsible for, and tracking it all can be quite a challenge. IT equipment inventory may stay at the home office, or it could be used across the city, in another state or in an entirely different country.

Then there is the task of keeping it in good condition with upgrades and regular maintenance so that it’s always ready to use. With so much (expensive) IT equipment relied on and often on the move, companies are using IT asset management software to keep their valuable IT inventory in check to save time and money.

The importance of keeping an accurate IT equipment inventory

Technology changes quickly, and despite your best efforts, it can be hard to keep up. IT equipment you bought last year may already be obsolete and new items are quickly taking its place. Or there are frequent software upgrades that need to be implemented so that it’s always in optimal working shape. Many companies have no idea what items they even have in their inventory. That fact right there is downright scary!

Think of the equipment you have in use right now and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know how many pieces of IT equipment your company owns?
  • Where is each item located?
  • If it’s not at the home office, when did it get checked out (and by whom) and when might it be back?
  • When is the last time your IT equipment went in for service or an upgrade?
  • How much time a day do employees unnecessarily spend searching for items that are lost, misplaced, out of service?
  • Is your IT equipment helping the company or just sitting and collecting dust?

Keeping your IT inventory up-to-date in the cloud

So many questions (and there are even more we could pose) – and they can all be easily answered if you are using an IT inventory system. An IT inventory system has so many benefits to companies of all sizes. One of the most important is concerning time savings. When companies track all of their IT inventory, their employees are no longer spending wasteful hours trying to track down a specific item. The other major benefit is that companies are no longer losing money from purchasing things they don’t need and allowing their equipment to become unusable.

Today’s IT inventory systems take so much of the heavy burden off employees and allow them to do their actual jobs. Instead of trying to remember what machines have been updated, employees can set up notifications or reminders every couple of months on each piece of equipment. By conducting regular check-ups on equipment, common issues like malware and corrupted data can be caught before it has the chance to impact your entire company. You’ll also know ahead of time when you need to update your hardware and can plan for equipment to be out of service so workflow isn’t interrupted.

Asset Panda's IT Inventory System

When it comes to your IT inventory, you need a platform that will change to meet your needs. You don’t have time to change the way you do things in order to start tracking your inventory or get employees to sign on to a complicated and convoluted solution that takes more time to learn and implement. Asset Panda’s flexible and easily-customizable cloud-based application helps companies of all sizes manage their IT inventory in the most efficient way possible.

Asset Panda user and Dallas-based media production company Paperlyte is a great example of how Asset Panda has made an impact when it comes to tracking their IT inventory, especially when they have items that are in need of repair.

According to Paperlyte, Asset Panda has “forced us into staying organized when it comes to getting new equipment in and sending items off for repair. Because we need our video gear on a daily basis, having equipment that is broken or out for repair can be a big issue. But by knowing what working equipment we have at any moment, we can plan for jobs ahead of time and know what equipment is readily available.”

Maybe now is a good time to ask yourself some of those important questions about your IT inventory and see if Asset Panda is a good fit for your business. The right IT inventory system can completely change the way you track and manage your equipment.

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