Keep Track of Your Youth Sport Team’s Equipment

When you're managing or assisting with a youth sports team, you know just how hectic things can be. You have to make sure that you keep the kids together, have the sports equipment ready to go, and handle all of the mini crises that develop in between. One of the biggest hassles that end up coming time and again is keeping track of what everyone brought. Glasses, hats, ipods, and everything in between easily get lost.

A number of schools and nonprofit organizations that run youth sports teams have started posting notices that state that they are not bailees of the youths' belongings. They also claim that they will not replace any lost items. On top of that, they insist that it is not their responsibility. However, you probably know that even if your school or organization has those signs posted, it doesn't keep agitated youth and parents from insisting that you find their lost belongings or replace them. According to "The Challenges of Youth Team Management" describes one of the increasing problems being students taking other students' possessions and claiming they are theirs. This is most problematic during practices. Most of the time, students have no place to put their belongings, and so they put them on the bleachers or in the changing room or anywhere else. This makes it very easy for people to just go in and take whatever they want. While you cannot stop everything, there is one simple way that you can work to prevent this from being as much of an issue and decrease the headaches.

Adapt Your Inventory Software

When it comes to inventory control, flexibility and customization are essential. Your tools need to work with you, and you need to be able to rely on it, no matter where you are. The Asset Panda app goes with your iPhone, and you can easily adapt the features to work for your team as well as they work for warehouse inventory control.

You will first want to set up a separate section so that you can keep it clear from your home and business inventories. When students come in for the team, you should have the Asset Panda up on your iPhone, several gallon sized bags, and a large box. Have this at the sign-in table. After student signs in, take a clear picture with the iPhone and set each student as an asset. This is obviously not your standard inventory control, but in the description or notes, you can include the information about what the student has brought with him. Then have him put those items that he is not going to carry with him into the gallon sized bag. Seal it, label it, and place it in the box.

Do Not Let Anyone Leave Without Checking the Pictures

Either you or someone who has access to the Asset Panda inventory needs to make sure that everyone only picks up his things. When they go to pick up their things, hand out the bags. Don't just rely on the names. Some kids will try to pick these up and switch around the belongings. Match the student to the picture and the belongings. Don't let anyone leave without checking these.

If anyone comes to pick up his items early, make sure that you check the picture then as well. The box should not leave your sight or another adult's sight unless you lock it up.

This will not stop all of the complaints or requests, but this will help make sure that the students on the sports team do not wind up losing their belongings during practice.


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