Managing Automotive Assets Via a Barcode Tracking System


Businesses who have field operations rely on their automotive assets to serve clients in their surrounding area. Managing a fleet, no matter what you use it for, can take a lot of time and oversight.

One way of managing those automotive assets businesses may not have considered is using a barcode system. Most companies only think of using barcodes for smaller items. But there’s no size limit on what can be tracked with a barcode.

How a Barcode Tracking System Supports Your Automotive Asset Tracking

There are several ways your company can benefit from using barcodes to track your automotive assets. While barcodes don’t have to be used exclusively with your fleet, you can implement these same measures to your vehicles.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll get from using this system for your automotive assets.

Saving Time

When you have barcodes on each fleet vehicle, your team can easily use check-in/check-out procedures.

Barcodes also allow you to automatically change who is using an asset at any given time. Instead of typing the information out, or filling out paperwork, your team can use their mobile devices to complete the same task.

Tracking Lifecycles

Since vehicles have so many moving parts, it’s important to track their lifecycles. If certain models tend to fail faster than others, you can see if the issues are related to specific parts failing. You can also see if those issues are connected to certain types of usage or any number of other variables. When you can identify exactly what impacts your asset lifecycles, you can make those assets last longer and get the most out of tracking depreciation.

Creating a Real-time Tracking Environment

A real-time tracking environment is important for information accuracy. Because your team is out working in the field every day, they won’t be in the office to let you know when things change. Having a cloud-based system is the best way to create a real-time tracking environment. When your team can log into your database from anywhere in the field, they’re bound to check in more often. That means you have eyes out on all of your assets and can spot problems before they become serious.

Improving Information Accuracy

Information accuracy is crucial when it comes to asset tracking. If your system says one of your vehicles is in the garage, when it’s really out in the field, you might assign it to another one of your associates. Then they’ll find it isn’t there and waste time looking for it.

When you have accurate information, you’re less likely to waste time or money looking for assets that you could have otherwise tracked down. Inaccurate information can lead to losing a ton of money, which leads to our next point.

Reducing Cost

When you know exactly what you have on hand, you’re less likely to buy assets you don’t need. You also won’t be paying your associates to do busywork that could have been avoided by implementing barcoding.

Monitoring your assets also means you won’t have to replace them as often, because you’ll be staying up to date on maintenance and repairs. That means you won’t have to shell out for emergency repairs, because your assets are less likely to break down without warning.

Implementing Risk Management

Barcodes are a great way to reduce the risk your company takes on when it sends associates out into the field. Being able to monitor team performance, as well as asset health helps you avoid risks.

Having a system where you can monitor it in real-time also makes it easy for you to respond to crisis situations as they happen, instead of letting them fester.

No matter who you serve, keeping your fleet in tip-top shape will make it easier for you to support your clients. Consider implementing a barcoding system to make it easier, and save your company time and money.


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