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A good asset tracking program can take any organization from scattered and inefficient to organized and more profitable. You might be a business owner who thinks that only big corporations need asset tracking systems. However, if you’re conducting business in any capacity, you have fixed assets that enable you to make money. Take, for example, your office space, your office furniture, your phones, copiers, scanners and all of that IT equipment – your desktop computers, monitors, servers, laptops, mobile devices. The larger the company, the harder it is to keep track of assets on the move (laptops and mobile devices, for the most part). But even if you’re a small organization, you’re still faced with the task of reporting the value and depreciation of those items on an annual basis. Failure to do so can be costly come tax time.

So many business functions have turned to technology, and asset tracking is no exception. Over time, more and more companies learned the hard way that manual Excel spreadsheets were an inefficient way of tracking and managing their vital fixed assets. It’s extremely difficult to eliminate the risk of human error when you have one or multiple employees manually entering serial numbers, estimated value, whereabouts, condition and other details about your equipment. When it comes to time to locate or report any one of those items, that’s when mistakes become evident. Employees spend countless hours trying to hunt down assets that may have become lost, were stolen or otherwise fell through the cracks. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for companies to continue paying insurance on items, or “ghost assets,” that aren’t even in their respective inventories anymore, simply because those items weren’t reported lost or stolen.

Another factor to consider is that your equipment must be properly maintained if you’re going to maximize its lifespan – and what company wouldn’t want to make the most of their investments? Without an efficient, accurate asset tracking program, it’s incredibly easy to lose track of maintenance histories. Minor maintenance issues can turn into major overhauls and costly repairs – or even replacements.

If you’re looking for an asset tracking program that your employees will support and use, it’s got to be easy to use. The reality is that nobody has the time or motivation to sit through extensive training on a complex system. Your employees have varying levels of technical knowledge, but a great deal of them are stakeholders in the lifespan of your fixed assets. That’s why you need a simple tool for tracking and management – a tool that requires minimal equipment to use, and offers anytime, anywhere access to your data.

At the same time, you need an asset tracking program that’s powerful and flexible. You need a tool that adapts to the way you work, with an extensive and continually expanding features list from which you pick and choose. You should be able to manage and display your data according to your needs. And you should be able to bring in every one of your stakeholders, without incurring per-user charges.

In one mobile app, Asset Panda has addressed all of the typical barriers to efficient asset tracking. This free app, available both for iOS and Android devices, includes a mobile barcode scanner for easy asset entry. No additional software or hardware is required. Our features list is not only extensive, but completely customizable. Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, and every client is entitled to an unlimited number of users, period. Although it’s the most powerful mobile asset tracking program in the world, it’s probably also the simplest. The tool requires no training to master. And because the app syncs with the cloud, you have 24-hour access to your data, giving you the assurance of real-time numbers. No more guesswork, no more wasted time, frustration and lost or missing assets. The entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand – and for a price point competitors can’t even touch.

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