Protect Your Tech With an IT Asset Manager Barcode System


Let's face it -- your company simply can't function without industry-specific technology. Whether you have a small business that delivers services to local companies, or you work for a nationwide company, your team needs an IT asset manager barcode system to protect these vital assets.

Can you imagine doing your work without technology? Would your business even exist without it? What clients would you no longer have without the hardware and software that makes it possible for you to serve them? Many times, we take technology for granted because it is so ingrained in our lives. Despite this, many companies don't work to protect their IT assets. Using barcodes to keep track of the machines you rely on is a great way to make sure your tech continues to do what you need.

Here are a few ways using a barcode-based system can improve your IT department.

Use Barcodes to Pull Up Asset Information in Seconds

Sometimes, employees need to know specific details about the devices they are working on. Software programs have system requirements, and some programs will only work on a specific operating system. Putting barcodes on your devices is a great way to attach specific records to each device. Using an IT asset manager barcode system to store your asset records will make it possible for your employees to access device information whenever they need it. You'll also be prepared to make assets move smoothly.


"Using barcodes to keep track of the machines you rely on is a great way to make sure your tech continues to do what you need."


Keeping an IT Asset Manager Barcode System Prevents Duplicate Purchases

Technology can get expensive quickly. A single computer can cost $500-$1000 and depends on how many employees you have, that can translate into thousands of dollars. You can't afford to purchase technology you don't need. Using barcodes to update a centralized database will help you see exactly what you have on hand. You can access this information when putting your quarterly budget together and make decisions accordingly.

Updating Your Database Makes It Easy to Keep a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Any kind of technology is subject to errors and breaking down. To keep your hardware working, you'll need to schedule it for regular maintenance. Whenever you have a technician work on your devices, you can have them scan your barcodes and note the dates they were worked on.

Asset Panda's tracking platform is a great way to protect your IT assets. Our system is set up to work perfectly with barcodes. Using our flexible app, you can include as many fields as necessary to maintain your devices. You can also use our platform to record anything related to your assets. Keep track of which employees can use what machines, what software licenses you have on hand, and how long each of your assets are expected to last.

One of our clients in the education industry uses Asset Panda to keep track of all their IT assets. They check out iPads and learning books for their students, so these devices are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. Asset Panda allows them to set up notifications to remind students when these devices are due and to track who is using them at any given time. This has made it much easier for them to keep tabs on their iPads and books and prevent them from getting lost.

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