How to Select the Right Home and Small Business Inventory

Taking a detailed home inventory is a necessary part of an asset protection plan. Insurance companies recommend that their customers create a home inventory and update it periodically. There are several tools available to do so, from paper forms, to spreadsheets to software.

However, modern home inventory software must have cloud storage and access. In case of catastrophic loss it is useless to have the data stored in a PC or in a phone that can be stolen or lost. This eliminates many app-only or PC software-only products from consideration. Simultaneously, mobile app availability is critical to speed up data entry and continuous updating. Thus the best products have both cloud storage and mobile apps. Furthermore, given the growth of the Android platform, app availability both in iOS and Android is essential to have multiplatform access.

Asset Panda is a new asset inventory and management application that organizes, tracks, and manages everything that a consumer owns. A key feature of Asset Panda is that it provides the perfect combination of cloud storage with iOS/Android app access for easy item entry and access anytime/anywhere.

In addition to basic home inventory features such as photo storage and price information, Asset Panda provides powerful and unique capabilities for users with critical data storage needs, such as high net-worth individuals, collectors, and small business owners. These features include:
  • Tagging multiple assets in 1 photo
  • Attach Documents
  • Universal Search
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Amazon/Ebay Link
  • Audit Mode
  • Can add Custom Data Fields to the Asset Records
  • Social Sharing
  • Attach Videos
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Attach Voice Notes
  • Action Buttons/Quick Reports for donate, lend, loss, sale.
  • Track asset history and changes
  • Custom Reports and Exports to Excel
  • Customizable Import templates from Excel

Most of these features are not available in other home inventory products. However, features are not the whole story. Asset Panda is the most intuitive, user-friendly available home and business asset inventory product in the market today, plus has a strong reputation for reliability and robustness that both consumers and businesses can trust.

Asset Panda is more than an inventory product, it is an asset management product that tracks the entire life cycle of the asset, helps a user save money on property taxes and insurance and manage their asset portfolio.


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