Service Tracking Software for Landscaping Companies


Large landscaping companies stand to benefit from service tracking software, particularly concerning tracking and managing work orders. 

State of the Industry

In its 2018 State of the Industry Report, Lawn & Landscape identified as one of the industry’s biggest challenges rapid growth fueled by an influx of younger homeowners. Increased demand means landscaping companies must come up with the necessary revenue to purchase equipment, including the technology upon which more landscapers are relying to run their operations smoothly. More customers also mean more jobs and work orders to track and manage. Any landscaping company that attempts to keep up with all of these moving parts using a manual process will almost certainly make mistakes. Thanks to social media and the Internet, those errors may become known to a large audience very quickly if customers decide to vent online.

One of the best investments any landscaping company can make – particularly as it begins to develop a larger customer base – is service tracking software. The software enables companies to keep up with work orders, increase transparency and communication between office and field staff, create reports, assign projects and, ultimately, enhance productivity.

Benefits of Service Tracking Software

Without the aid of integrated systems like service tracking software, field employees are less able to communicate and coordinate efficiently with the home office about equipment or inventory issues, for example. While they can get on the phone and call the home office, employees are still dependent on the presence of someone at the other end of the line. Delays are inevitable under such circumstances and can result in employee and customer frustration. Service tracking software closes the communication loop by connecting relevant stakeholders in the office and the field, as well as any third parties. Employees can create work orders and check their status, determine the location and condition of parts and equipment, coordinate scheduling, schedule equipment maintenance and much more. This integration is key to efficiency, particularly when it comes to work orders. In the past, paperwork may have piled up in the office and become lost or forgotten. Digitizing all of this paperwork and moving it to a centralized location saves significant time and keeps operations moving in an organized manner.

Customers are the lifeline of any business, and service tracking software helps landscaping companies more accurately determine the value of what they do. In turn, having that information at the ready can lead to customer growth and retention.

Using the software, landscaping companies can analyze their project histories, examining average hours worked, tools required to complete the jobs, and your customers’ most commonly requested services. This audit of sorts is a helpful exercise, enabling landscapers to determine any services they should be offering and whether they’re charging appropriately and competitively for their services.

Another key perk of service tracking software is the ability to easily pull up a client’s project history. A client may have questions about a specific plant or the price of an item, for example. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to provide fast, responsive service, and that can lead to repeat business.

Asset Panda: a Powerful, Yet Streamlined Solution

Asset Panda’s service tracking software is the gold standard in the industry. Our flexible, customizable platform is powered through a free mobile app that syncs with the cloud and delivers your real-time data 24 hours a day.


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