The Benefits of Tracking Landscaping Personnel Assignments


Tracking landscaping personnel assignments might seem like more effort than its worth. However, several strong benefits can come from doing so.

The best way to track your landscaping clients and workers is to use a cloud-based system. Here are the benefits of using such a system to track your employees and the work they do.

Track Landscaping Employee Productivity

Chances are you already know when your downtimes and busy times occur. However, there may be times that downtimes become active, and actives times become downtimes.

Knowing when these times occur can help your landscaping business plan on hiring seasonal workers for the active times and cut down on landscapers for the slow times.

Spot Weak Points in Your Processes

Sometimes, everyone is working as hard as possible and doing everything right and things still fail. When that happens, you have to look at your processes.

Do you have any processes in place? If so, what do they cover?

Do you have processes that entail how employees interact with your landscaping clients? Such as how to prepare garden beds, keeping the grounds clean, and other activities?

The best way to pinpoint weak points is to identify where things are failing. Are your clients being notified of your arrival time? Do you have processes for equipment maintenance during the slow season? Asking these questions and identifying where processes are going wrong is a great way to improve your overall workflow, and increase employee productivity.

Identify Mistakes Before They Get Out of Control

People make mistakes. Even when they’re trying their best, things go wrong. It’s just a fact of life. Perhaps they had a bad day, or maybe your processes don't adequately cover what is happening when workers are out in the field.

However, leaving those mistakes to fester and turn into huge problems can create bad situations for everyone involved. Set up your system with flags that can catch mistakes as they happen, instead of simply allowing them to continue impacting your employees and their work.

Improve Customer Service

When you have a system with checks and balances it can catch mistakes and other mishaps as they happen, which improves your overall customer service. When you know what equipment is needed for customers, and how to assign that equipment to personnel, you’re making sure the work gets done well and on time. This means that your customers get better landscaping services, which improves their overall satisfaction.

Better customer satisfaction means that your business is more likely to do well. Happy customers mean better reviews, which means more business for your company.

Recognize Landscaper Efforts

Do you have clients that rave about the work that was done? If so, how do you know which workers to reward for their efforts? If you don’t track who is going to what job site, you don’t have a way of recognizing stellar worker efforts.

Tracking personnel assignments will help you recognize good work when it's done. You can also give promotions to the people who have earned them instead of trying to guess who did the good work.


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