A Tool Tracking App is a Must for the Modern Company

 Going mobile isn’t just for websites. Monitoring how your employees use assets with a tool tracking app is a must for you to keep up with your competition. The more you can automate your work process, the more efficient your efforts will be and the more work you can get done in a given day.

Ignoring the need to go mobile is a bad business decision. By now, most companies understand that they need to make their websites mobile compatible. But going mobile goes so far beyond that. Being tied to a computer just doesn’t work in the modern world anymore. You’re always on the go, which means you need software that can travel with you.

Sure, some things are easier on the computer. But a smartphone or tablet is like an easily portable minicomputer. It can connect to the internet and access much of the same data you can find on your computer. Some apps even provide a better experience than the desktop equivalent.

Mobile Apps Are Available to All Your Employees

Your tools are continually moving. Within one day, the same tool could be used by a dozen of your employees. Trying to find a tool by asking someone where it is will only cost you more time than you can afford to spend.

Almost everyone in your office has a smartphone or mobile device that can download mobile apps. So when they can look up the location of the tools they need via a tool tracking app, it eliminates the need to spend time searching.

A Tool Tracking App Automates the Inventory Process  

No one likes doing inventory. It takes a tremendous amount of time and is incredibly tedious. Some stores have employees who only do inventory and nothing else. There is no reason for it to take so much time because it can be easily automated.

Automating the inventory process benefits your company in several ways. It cuts down on the required work time. It reduces the number of errors that enter into your database. It even saves you a huge amount of money by helping you identify exactly what assets you need and which ones you can toss.

Mobile Inventory Tracking Accounts for Changes as They Happen

Your company’s inventory changes all the time. Within a given day, there could be hundreds of changes to the state of your inventory. Trying to document those changes once a day doesn't accurately reflect what you have. You could promise a customer some items that you don’t have on hand or stock up on things no one wants.

Being able to keep up with changes in real time makes it easy for you to put the finger on the pulse of your company. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what is working well and what needs to be retired.

Asset Panda works well as a mobile app. The cloud-based database means that you can use it from anywhere at any time. Each employee can have different levels of access, so they only see the things that are relevant to their job. We created our platform to be easily configurable, so you can set it up in a way that makes the most sense to how you operate.

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