Tracking Asset Management Software Addresses Key Law Enforcement Needs


There are approximately 18,000 local law enforcement agencies in the United States. Law enforcement agencies are responsible for a large volume of fixed assets, including their vehicle fleets. Tracking asset management software turns what can be a labor-intensive, error-prone process into a relatively simple task. Manual asset tracking often relies upon an Excel spreadsheet for which an employee or employees are responsible for managing. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for even the most dedicated employee to keep up with the whereabouts, condition, and other details attached to each fixed asset. Typos are common, as are gaps in recordkeeping. Data isn’t likely to be current. Nor can changes be consolidated. Thankfully, technology has made it possible for law enforcement agencies to effectively outsource this task and do so with confidence.

Easily track the condition of assets

With Asset Panda's tracking software, law enforcement agencies can tag their fixed assets with a unique barcode, including their vehicles. Instead of getting on the phone and spending valuable time hunting down assets or details about assets, the software places the entire lifecycle of the asset at the user’s fingertips, via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Tracking asset management software provides a centralized hub for fixed asset data. The system makes it easy to search for an item’s maintenance history, maintenance schedule, its whereabouts, the officer to which it has been assigned, its check-in/check-out status, and more.

Police departments have been charged not only with providing the highest standards of public safety, but also doing so within the boundaries of a strict budget. Trimming waste, then, is vital. The ability to track the condition of department vehicles and other fixed assets will go a long way toward keeping costs in line.

Streamlined mobile access 

The best tracking asset management software takes a streamlined approach, not only through mobile apps, but through the cloud and the elimination of the need to purchase expensive hardware, software licenses, and renewals. Ease of use is also key. The software should be powerful, flexible, and customizable for the client’s needs, but also intuitive. Police officers and administrative staff are busy and under pressure, and they're likely unable to dedicate inordinate amounts of time learning a new asset management system. The goal should be to get every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of a vehicle, or other fixed assets, connected in a single communication loop. When everyone is communicating, accountability and accuracy increase significantly.

Asset Panda provides that solution in a free mobile app that syncs with the cloud and includes a mobile barcode scanner. Our tracking asset management software allows users to add as many participants as they want at no additional charge. Police officers only need the smartphones and tablets they already carry to conduct audits, check-in and check out fixed assets, record inspections and maintenance, check on the maintenance history of an asset, and schedule service. Administration can use the software to create customized reports and make informed budgetary decisions based on real-time data. With Asset Panda, it’s easy to set up customized notifications and alerts to stay on top of key maintenance and updates, so departments maximize the lifespan of their investments, ensure that their vital assets are functioning properly and protect the safety of their officers and the public at large.


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