Tracking Assets is too Important to Leave to Chance This Year


Tracking assets is a vitally important, yet sometimes overlooked necessity of modern business. You don’t have to be a global corporation or household name to justify the investment in a platform for tracking assets. Every organization, large or small, stands to benefit from the greater efficiencies a good system can provide. Why? Companies have a lot of details to manage. Even the best intentions to manage your assets through a manual system can be derailed by an expected fire that takes precedence. And yet, that’s exactly the process upon which a lot of organizations rely. When you’ve got multiple employees working on the task of tracking assets, it’s incredibly easy for mistakes to occur, whether it’s by duplication of effort, a missed keystroke or typo. Your employees can’t make changes to an Excel document at the same time; nor can they consolidate their changes. You can’t create and issue reports from an Excel document, and you still inevitably spend hours trying to track down lost or stolen items. It’s difficult to track the maintenance histories of your assets, so equipment can easily break down and bring your productivity to a frustrating halt. When it’s time to provide depreciation figures to your accounting and compliance teams, if you’ve been relying on manual tracking procedures, chances are good that you’re providing them with incorrect figures. That can cost you come tax time.

The bottom line is this: It’s not only a headache to put your faith in Excel spreadsheets; it’s expensive in terms of both time and money. Tracking assets don’t have to be difficult. Modern technology allows us to automate this task and improve efficiency, accuracy, and accountability across the board.

You’ll find an incredible variety of products on the market to help you track your assets and inventory, each one claiming to offer the best features for your needs. It’s important to remember, though, that a one-size-fits-all approach to tracking assets won’t serve you well. Each company has its own unique needs and challenges, so you’re best served by a product that’s flexible enough to adapt to your company today and long into the future. With Asset Panda, you get the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform in the world, along with simplest and most intuitive interface. It’s easy to get every one of your stakeholders on board.

Asset Panda is powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, so your asset and inventory data is served up 24 hours a day in real time. You won’t need a separate handheld barcode scanner; the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. In fact, you won’t need any additional hardware to use Asset Panda – only the smartphones and tablets you and your employees already use. Upload new assets, then add additional details like supporting documents, videos, voice notes and photos. Features are completely customizable, from the dashboard, fields and columns to the calendar feature and unlimited custom actions, including reports, notifications and alerts. Add as many users as you’d like – there’s no fee, and you’ll benefit from getting every one of your stakeholders into the communication loop. And, regardless of your employees’ technical proficiency, they’ll find Asset Panda simple to master.

From an asset’s location, condition, complete maintenance history and value to its GPS coordinates, check-in/check-out status and so much more, the complete lifecycle of each one of your valuable assets lives in the palm of your hand when you use Asset Panda. And it’s offered a price point our competitors can’t touch. For more information, or to begin your free 14-day trial, visit


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