Tracking Cleaning Equipment on the Job

From spray bottles and other small items to heavy duty equipment like floor buffers, your cleaning business has a lot of tools to keep track of in order to thrive and grow. For the more expensive items, some form of inventory tracking is absolutely essential. Otherwise, your company will constantly be replacing and repairing these items. Entering into such a cycle is not sustainable for many organizations and can lead to serious financial problems.

A Better Working Environment

To avoid this fiscal calamity, consider how Asset Panda can help your company on the job site. As workers use supplies and tools, they can track these items on the mobile database. With this information, accountability for expensive equipment can be promoted, leading to a maximization of utility for these assets. In the event of a breakdown, repair and replacement costs can be gauged with inventory tracking solutions. With this information your company will never again be forced into buying a replacement without knowing all the facts and available options.

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