Tracking IT Assets Protects Future of Legal Service Organizations

Whether you’re a small or large legal services operation, tracking IT assets is imperative for your success. Law firms count on technology. Their clients expect responsive and efficient service – especially when they’re paying by the hour. Unfortunately, slow-moving, stalled or otherwise malfunctioning equipment can cause frustrating delays both for legal staff and the clients they serve. 

Determining Your IT Asset Needs

What kind of IT equipment and tools do you need to run an efficient and profitable office, anyway? shares this handy buyer’s guideIt’s helpful if you’re a new start-up or if you’re an existing firm and want some insight on any gaps you may have in your office. Ensuring that you’re using the latest legal technology is important for several reasons, including client satisfaction; “you can deliver a more personalized and positive client experience, provide answers to your clients quicker and trust those answers are the right ones,” according to an article from Thomson Reuters Legal. Additionally, lawyers can spend less time on administrative tasks, which eat into time spent on client work – and, of course, their bottom-line profits.

Tracking IT Assets and Your Bottom Line

After you go through the time and expense of investing in the latest technology, the process for which you’ll be tracking IT assets is equally important. Tracking IT assets not only helps busy law offices monitor the whereabouts of their IT equipment and tools. It also helps managers stay on top of routine preventive maintenance and updates, depreciation for accounting and compliance purposes, check-in/check-out status, warranties, insurance policies, and more – all in one centralized, easy-to-access location.

Security: Your Most Important Investment

Among the most valuable benefits of tracking IT assets is security. Nothing is more important than your relationships with your clients. A security breach, however, could put the future of those relationships in jeopardy. IT assets that aren’t properly maintained with the necessary updates and security patches can leave you and your clients vulnerable. Consider, for example, the October 2014 breach at JPMorgan Chase, in which the personal information of approximately 83 million accounts was hacked. The crime represented one of the largest breaches in history. An investigation later found that the firm’s security team had failed to upgrade one of its network servers.

The Benefits of Automation

Managing IT assets throughout an organization is a tough job, and more than a few firms rely on manual procedures to do it. An Excel spreadsheet (among the most commonly used manual tracking system) isn’t a reliable method, however. An employee who has to key in barcode numbers is bound to make mistakes. It’s easy to overlook updates when you’re juggling other tasks. Therefore, it’s also easy to lose track of IT assets, maintenance schedules and updates, and other data attached to each IT asset. Some organizations discover that they’ve been paying for insurance on IT assets they don’t even have in their inventory anymore. Attributable to poor recordkeeping procedures, those ghost assets are both expensive and a drain to a firm’s bottom line.

Tracking IT assets using a reliable platform, however, removes the human element and allows law firms to outsource the function with peace of mind. Asset Panda’s free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, allowing anytime access to real-time data. Our completely customizable platform lets clients track their assets any way they want and add as many users as they want. Our objective is to help you close the communication loop and increase accuracy and accountability throughout your entire organization.

Help protect the integrity of your client relationships and your firm’s reputation with the world’s most powerful IT asset tracking solution.


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