What Can an Asset Tracking Solution Do for Pest Control Companies?


What can an asset tracking solution do for pest control companies? More than you might think. Of course, an asset tracking solution helps these companies manage a large volume of tools and equipment. They can store data that spans the entire lifecycle of each fixed asset in a single location, so there’s no more time spent hunting down paperwork in filing cabinets, calling colleagues or sifting through computer records. It’s far easier to determine the equipment they have, what kind of condition that equipment is in, and where it should be located. With up-to-date, accurate data in hand, managers gain the confidence that their crews will have the equipment they need to get the job done, and that their equipment is in good working order.

Industry Among Those Faring Well During Pandemic

While many industry sectors are currently dealing with the effects of the coronavirus – namely, reduced business – the pest control industry is doing quite well. “As communities stay inside and, in many cases, at home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pests such as rodents, will have less to deter them from venturing out into broad daylight to find water and food sources,” says the National Pest Management Association on its website. “If their typical nesting and feeding locations are depleted due to closed businesses, there is no doubt that they will resourcefully seek a new location for water, food and shelter. Without proper ongoing pest control efforts, rodent populations will move from areas where businesses are closed to areas where food and water are readily available.”

Asset Tracking and Client Management

In short, that means that in this period of shuttered businesses or businesses operating reduced hours, pests, in search of food and water, are likely to find residential areas an attractive alternative. Subsequently, the United States Department of Homeland Security has labeled the pest control industry as essential during this time of continued or partially lifted stay-at-home orders. An asset tracking solution can provide pest control companies with an efficient and simple to use client management tool. A mobile solution is a pest control company’s best bet – after all, the very nature of the pest control business is mobile. An asset tracking solution that gives workers the ability to pull up comprehensive records for any client from their smartphones or tablets saves them significant time and frustration, maintains customer satisfaction and, ultimately, saves the company money by keeping operations running smoothly. From the palm of their hand, an employee can view a client’s contract, order history and service calendar, to name just a few examples; and determine if any issues have been recurring. Managers could pull up records for all clients within a particular region, organize them by desired criteria, create customized reports, and more.

Audits, Depreciation Tracking Among Other Benefits

Returning to the functions most of us associate with an asset tracking solution, pest control companies may also use these tools to perform routine equipment audits, track and report depreciation for tax purposes, keep up with equipment maintenance and review an asset’s maintenance history. Should any fixed asset require repair or service, they can create work orders on the spot. Working in conjunction with the unique barcodes assigned and affixed to each fixed asset in the company’s inventory, an asset tracking solution curbs theft and loss and helps prevent costly ghost assets. With all of these features and more, an asset tracking solution helps pest control companies remain financially healthy and continue to provide the service their customers expect.


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