Free Asset Inventory Software Options Aren’t Always the Best Choice

Businesses need to be smart about their investments when it comes to asset tracking. If you are considering an asset inventory software free solution, you might want to review the features you're likely to miss. Going with a free option can be tempting, but money isn't the only thing you'll be investing when it comes to adopting a new software.

Free Asset Inventory Options Require a Time Investment

Free software options usually come in one of two forms: freeware or open source software. Freeware usually describes outdated software that a company no longer supports. Open source software usually includes software that any developer can access and change the code.

You will be left on your own when it comes to figuring out how to make the asset inventory software free version work with the way you've set up your business. Outdated freeware could come with instructions, but they might not still be relevant to the technology your company is using. You or your tech department may have to spend time trying to find a workaround.

When it comes to open source software, having code available to anyone isn't necessarily a good thing. If the software developers know what they are doing, they might improve on the existing software. But computer programming can be tricky, and one typo can throw the whole code off. There's no guarantee that the open source software your company goes with will work properly for your needs.

Asset Inventory Software Free Options Don't Offer Technical Support

Technical support is an important aspect of any software your company decides to use. Even the most straightforward computer programs can experience complications you couldn't have foreseen. Having technical support help you troubleshoot any issues that come up will ensure that your company doesn't lose too much productive time trying to work out bugs.

With freeware, you'll have to spend a great deal of time waiting for software to load, which might not even work with your current operating system. These programs are no longer supported by the companies who created them, so if you experience any issues, you are out of luck.

Some open source software programs have documentation that describes previous bugs that developers have come across. However, these logs can be confusing, and you may not find documentation of the specific issue you are experiencing.

Asset Panda provides an easy-to-use, supported asset inventory solution for all your business needs. We created our platform specifically to save you time, which we understand is valuable to the well-being of your business. You shouldn't have to spend hours trying to make specific features work. Our customer support is ready to help you with any technical or configuration problems you might come across in setting up your asset inventory management system.

IT Pro lists Asset Panda as . Benefits highlighted include tracking equipment service life, portability, and GPS location tracking. Businesses from all sectors can benefit from Asset Panda's customizable software, as the app can be configured to meet any business need.

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