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The Asset Panda asset inventory software tracking platform replaces the old system of manual spreadsheets, which leaves organizations vulnerable to human error, wasted time and lost revenue. This powerful new mode of tracking simplifies and restores accuracy to the process, delivering real-time information, monitoring and alerts, and all from the palm of your hand. Our integrated system combines free mobile apps, the cloud and scanning, and eliminates the need for expensive scanners and software. Extremely powerful yet incredibly easy to use, Asset Panda gives you control over your assets, closes the loop among stakeholders and gives you a totally customizable way to track your vital resources exactly how you want, saving you time, money and frustration.

Every organization, from global corporations to local nonprofits, is responsible for equipment and other inventory that constantly changes hands, both internally among employees and externally among vendors and service providers. All too many organizations fail to properly manage their vital assets, however. Items may be stolen, lost or break down when they’re not maintained properly, resulting in breakdown. Miscommunication could result in a company continuing to pay taxes on an item that isn’t even in their inventory anymore. When already busy employees are relying on outdated asset tracking procedures, oversight like this happens – and it can have significant ramifications to bottom-line revenues.

Asset Panda’s free Android and iPhone/iPad apps sync with your cloud account. No scanners or other hardware are required to use Asset Panda – only your mobile device. Our built-in mobile barcode scanner searches assets you’ve logged into the tools and helps you find a specific item within seconds. Asset Panda’s asset inventory software tracking platform adapts to the way you work. Complete customization means you can change every data field to reflect your organization’s structure and needs. Customize the dashboard, the notifications you receive, the calendar – it’s all up to you. Choose from built-in asset tracking reports or configure your own to fit your needs, including audit, action, change, depreciation and inflation calculation. Generate automated reports about your assets, organizing the data by location, category or any number of

Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you have at your fingertips the entire lifecycle of every one of the assets upon which your organization depends. You have round-the-clock access to the exact location of your equipment, what condition it’s in and when it’s next scheduled for maintenance, and easy access to the data your accounting and compliance teams need. Equipment support staff no longer have to hunt down the location of items, repair history and make/model/serial number. At any time, customers can check on the status of items that are checked in or out, receive scheduled maintenance notifications and communicate with stakeholders when it’s time for repair or replacement. Our clients may add an unlimited number of users to their Asset Panda accounts. It doesn’t get much easier than Asset Panda’s highly intuitive and free mobile app. Anyone can use it – there’s no need to invest in extensive training.

Asset Panda also has the ability to virtually eliminate your support calls when you use it as an enterprise service desk. The ability to accurately and quickly track your assets helps protect your organization from loss and waste, stops guesswork and may result in reduced property taxes and even lower insurance costs when you stop paying for “ghost assets” that are no longer in your inventory. Our clients come from a broad base of industry sectors, including health care, information technology, education, energy, public safety, government and hospitality. If you’re ready to eliminate costly errors and focus your critical resources where they’re most needed, contact Asset Panda for a free 14-day trial. Our asset inventory software tracking platform will transform how you run your business. Or, for more information, go to

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