The Role of the Web in Asset Tracking

When businesses compete to get a leg up on the competition or strive to be the best, sometimes the processes and tools that help them get there are lost in the battle. Simple mistakes that are often overlooked can become huge problems down the line if they aren’t caught. The recent combination of asset tracking and the web are one such pairing that can make a tremendous difference for a business looking to succeed.

Many businesses and organizations have no idea what assets they own, their condition or where they even are. Budgets are tight. Everyone is on deadline. Companies don’t have the time or in some cases the resources to look for assets that are missing. And then there’s the subject of assets that need maintenance or updates. Time is of the essence every day. But if you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, then you can have access to the two ultimate tools to help save time and money -- asset tracking and the web.

Asset tracking systems have come a long way since the days of pencil and paper ledgers and more recently, shared excel documents. Today’s intuitive technology lets organizations as well as individuals catalogue, track, organize, audit and manage information about assets of any kind, anytime and from anywhere, thanks to the use of apps which store data in the cloud. Web-based asset tracking software uses smartphones or tablets equipped with barcode scanners to take pictures or scan barcodes of items. This data is instantly updated in their company’s asset management system, which is then accessible via the Web on any PC or enabled mobile device. These mobile scanners streamline the data entry processes for once time-consuming and error-prone actions like equipment checkout, barcode printing, equipment deployment, and reporting.

The combination of asset tracking and the web can help solve a variety of issues people deal with when tracking valuable assets.  Knowing the location of assets within a facility, or when they are taken outside of a set location, is more important than ever as employees become more mobile. Mobile technology has truly simplified the asset tracking process and made it more efficient. Employees can record transactions or data about a particular asset in the field, providing accurate, real time data. Data compiled in web-based asset tracking systems can be stored in the cloud where it is safe and accessible via any web browser no matter where users are. The web-based software and mobile applications seamlessly work together and provide the up-to-the-minute information that shared spreadsheets simply could not and lowers the risk of data loss from those who may not be authorized to access asset logs.

Asset Panda gives organizations a simple way to solve their unforeseen problem of tracking and managing the assets they own. By turning smart phones, tablets and other enabled devices into handheld scanners, Asset Panda eliminates the need to buy separate hardware – saving businesses money; and users can tag and upload items much easier – saving employees time.

Asset Panda’s free asset tracking software is incredibly simple, flexible and completely customizable. And because it’s powered by the cloud, you have access 24 hours a day to real-time, accurate information, including the data your accounting teams require. Asset Panda’s intuitive interface makes it easy to work from anywhere, on devices you’re already using. Available via free mobile apps and on the web, Asset Panda’s free asset software gives organizations large and small a comprehensive, lifecycle view of their vital assets and equipment.

Effective asset tracking starts with a few fundamentals. And by taking advantage of easily accessible tools like asset tracking and the web, companies have the foundation in place for success. Let Asset Panda be your partner on that journey. Give us a try free for 14-days and you’ll see why businesses of every size trust Asset Panda for their asset management needs. Visit to get started.

Audra London

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