How to Find the Best Solution From Dozens of Inventory Software Programs

With so many inventory software programs out there, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Should you go with the least expensive option? What features do you need? Who should be involved in the planning process? All these questions and more can make the process feel overwhelming.

But you don't have to deal with that on your own. Here are a few features your inventory software must have in order to be effective.

Inventory Management Software Needs to Be Customizable

Trying to change your company to work around a software isn't a feasible solution and will likely only introduce more problems. Instead, you need an inventory management system that you can customize. Being able to create specific fields means you can track any information related to your inventory process.


"Relying on a cloud-based inventory tracking solution means you and your team can keep an eye on floor activity as it happens."


Inventory Software Programs Must Be Cloud-Based

Your inventory changes hundreds of times per day. Manual systems can't keep up with everything that happens in your warehouse and at your office. Relying on a cloud-based inventory tracking solution means you and your team can keep an eye on floor activity as it happens. This is a great way to avoid running out of stock or overstocking your backroom with items that don't sell.

Inventory Tracking Programs Should Be Easy to Use

What's the point of using a program if it isn't easy to use? Many inventory software programs come filled with features, but if you can't figure out how to use them, the technology is useless to you. In this day and age, there is no room for overly complicated software or clunky user design.

Inventory Management Systems Need to Be Accessible by All Employees

To maintain your inventory effectively, all your employees need to be able to access company records. Only allowing a couple team members to access records means you won't have a complete picture of what's going on. And if you don't know what's happening in your company, you won't be able to plan for future success. This is why easy accessibility for all users no matter where they are in the world is an important criterion for choosing a solution out of all inventory software programs.

Asset Panda has spent the past five years fine-tuning our platform to meet your needs. We work on feedback we get from clients to make changes that will improve your overall experience. Your company is unique in the way you do business, and you need an inventory tracking system that meets your specific requirements. Our cloud-based, customizable platform is here to help you with whatever method you use to track your inventory. Plus, our mobile interface makes it easy for your employees to access inventory information anywhere.

One of our clients, Texas International Wine Competition, uses Asset Panda to track their wines for judging events. Before switching to our program, they were using spreadsheets, which made it difficult for them to know where each of their wines was at any given time. The judges now can scan barcodes to input their scores on each wine criteria. The unlimited users’ capability allows them to prevent these judges from seeing other information about the wine and only provides them with ways to score each area.

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