Checking the Bottom Line With Office Inventory Software

Take a look around your office. What do you see? Your computer. Phone. Printer. Filing cabinets. Lots of little office supplies like pens, paper, staplers, binders, folders, post-it notes. Did you ever think about the impact all of these pieces have on your daily business operations? What if you were constantly missing these items – either from misplacement or possibly theft? Or you didn’t know when it was time to update or replace some of your equipment? For many companies, this is a reality. But it doesn’t have to be anymore, thanks to office inventory software.

In order to run a successful and efficient office environment, regardless of the company size, location, if they buy/sell products, the use of its resources is one of the most often-overlooked tasks. Knowing what you have and where you have it is one of the simplest ways to ensure your team is working smart and efficient. Office inventory software that can keep track of the most basic data on a company’s assets is readily available. And it’s incredibly simple to use.

Office inventory software can capture the detail on everything an office needs to run smoothly. From computers, associated software and printers to office furniture and company vehicles. All of these items, which are most likely used every day, add up into the thousands of dollars. With budgets being constantly scrutinized, tracking all of the equipment, its location, usage and depreciation in cost matters to the bottom line.

We work in a much more mobile environment than 10 years ago. Employees are going from place to place, whether inside the office or outside into the field. Many times, they are taking their office equipment with them. Office inventory software is helpful in tracking when an asset such as a computer, tablet or other piece of equipment leaves the building, who it goes with, and when it’s expected back. If an item is lost or stolen while out, there is data to support who had the item last and where it was.

Many office inventory software programs come with GPS capabilities, which has been a true money-saver in that companies can actually track where their valuable assets are. That means no more guesswork on where items are. They are saving valuable time searching for an item that they truly don’t know where it is. And they are saving money in unnecessary replacements if they can locate it through GPS.

Sadly, theft is somewhat common in many office environments. Employee theft costs American businesses billions of dollars each year, according to the website, which commissioned a Harris Interactive survey on the issue. While office supplies like pens and pencils are usually among the most common items taken, larger items like computers, A/V equipment, even furniture are all fair game. Each time an item is taken, it eats at the finances. This can impact everything from salaries, benefits, future purchases, etc. By scanning the barcodes on office equipment and logging that data into an office inventory software platform, companies have a more accurate picture of what they have and its cost, and employees also become more accountable and responsible for what they are using and maintaining.

There are several office inventory software templates and programs out there that may seem to be easy to use and even free (great cost-savings measure, right?). But beware. Many have additional costly add-ons or features that may not be a fit for your individual business. When looking at the choices available, find a program that works the way you and your business do. Is it customizable? Will it grow with your company? Does it include a built-in mobile barcode scanner? Can you save photos, video, notes with each asset? All of these are important factors to consider. Company productivity, profits and even morale are on the line. A happy, productive work environment that has all the needed tools readily available and in good working order is one that thrives.

Asset Panda’s asset and inventory tracking platform is designed to help your company keep up with the items you use every day in the easiest way possible. With your tablet or smartphone, access the free Asset Panda iOS or Android app. It syncs with the cloud and includes a mobile barcode scanner. You don’t need any additional hardware to use Asset Panda, and thanks to the cloud synchronization, your information is always presented in real time.

Migrating your current office inventory to Asset Panda is a breeze to do and employees spend very little time learning how to use the platform. Our office inventory software makes it easy for you to organize your inventory, and get back to work quickly. With customizable fields, management can accurately monitor how quickly office inventory is being used, where it’s being used most quickly, how often items are in for maintenance and make adjustments as needed.

Let Asset Panda be your go-to when it comes to office inventory software. Ditch those old, unreliable ways of tracking assets and get a partner you can trust. Give us a free 14-day try by visiting and you’ll never look at tracking office inventory the same again.


Audra London

Audra London, founder of Conceptual Communications, LLC, has over 10 years of writing, public relations and marketing experience and serves as an expert on press releases, media relations, feature writing, web content and marketing copy.

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