Customizing Your Inventory Tools

A standard inventory tracking system generally fills in a few basic fields and assumes this is acceptable. For some organizations, this may be enough. However, if your business requires a more in-depth look at your assets and resources, you may need something much more customizable. Asset Panda has a variety of settings and adjustments that can keep the information you need in your hands, whenever you need it.

Building Subsections

One of the prime functions of Asset Panda is the ability to create new categories. With this service, you can build highly specific subsections that transcend the generic options that come preloaded with the system. For medical units, law enforcement outlets and other specialized groups, this flexibility can keep your resources up to date and up to par. Staying on top of repairs and replacements is crucial for these organizations. Otherwise, the safety of employees and the general public may be at risk.

Sorting and Reporting

Once you have your entries and custom subsections loaded, you can view your database in a variety of ways. Asset Panda can sort based on several descriptors. For work equipment, sifting through the database by model or serial number can be especially useful. Another offering among the inventory tools is the ability to print reports. For organizations that need to provide checklists and logs to for referencing, this can be an excellent option to automate the process. Simply check out the "Report" function and let Asset Panda do the rest.


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