Get Up Close and Personal with an Asset Management Solution for Virtual Learning


Tracking all of your technical assets across an entire school district can be a difficult challenge. Between managing the ownership, status, location, lifecycle, repair, replacement, and disposal of each asset, a little help would be great.

That’s what Asset Panda is for.

We provide an asset management solution that gives you the features you need and the functionality you want so you can spend more time keeping your students connected instead of tracking down technology.

Asset Tracking 101: The Basics

In order to be efficient, school districts and other educational institutions need to know certain data points about their technology assets:

  • What assets do they have?
  • Where should they be?
  • How are they being used?
  • What condition is it in?
  • What is their depreciated value?
  • What lifecycle stage are they in?

All of this data allows you to track each asset through its entire lifecycle - from initial receipt through disposal. It also allows you to see upcoming warranty expirations and scheduled maintenance so you can forecast when it’s time to order replacements.

Superior Support: We’re Here for You

Every school district has its own unique needs. This is no different when it comes to their asset tracking.

When you first sign up for Asset Panda, we assign an implementation specialist to your account that helps you set everything up, while paying attention to your unique workflows and business processes. They’ll work with you to determine the best configuration that serves your specific and unique needs.

Once you’ve completed onboarding and implementation, you’ll have direct access to our friendly, helpful, and responsive world-class support team. You can get help by:

  • Calling our help center
  • Chatting online with our live agents
  • Joining our user group on Facebook

In addition to training and demonstration videos, our community portal offers you the opportunity to collaborate with other Asset Panda users and specialists to get new ideas on how to improve your functionality and user experience.

Adaptive Configuration: We Adjust to Your Needs

While some schools need to track many different asset data points, others prefer a more simplified approach. We can easily accommodate whatever you need by allowing you to change the number and type of data points required.

You can adjust the asset’s displayed information with customized fields, workflow processes, reporting and notifications.

Even if you have a complex workflow with multiple functions, you can make it more user-friendly by limiting what users see and interact with so they’re not overwhelmed. Once they become more familiar and comfortable with the functionality of the interface, you can add more bells and whistles as they become more acclimated to it.

The Mobile Solution: Easy and Convenient Access Wherever You Are

Asset Panda makes things easier (and cheaper) on your organization by providing mobile applications for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. The mobile app is a visual representation of the web interface and allows your mobile device to scan barcodes without having to purchase additional barcode scanning devices.

It’s a quicker, easier, more adaptable solution because it allows you to perform functions you would from your computer and lets you work from anywhere you can get a WiFi or cellular data connection. Since the app only serves as an interface, no data is hosted or stored on the device offering you security and peace-of-mind.

The Reporting Tools: Get the Data You Need When You Need It

Reporting is a key component of asset tracking and our reporting options are designed for both those with experience and those without.

We offer standardized reports with adjustable filters for those that are just getting started, pulling data points so you can get a better picture of your asset inventory or more specific information such as:

  • When was an asset checked out?
  • Who has it?
  • When is it scheduled to be returned?

Once you get comfortable with it, you can start creating custom reports, pulling specific fields, or linked fields of information that are relevant to the type of report you want to create.

API Integration: Accurate, Real-Time Data for an Accurate Picture

Asset Panda offers an open API so you can use one of our standard, easy-to-use integrations or you can write your own customized version.

With Active Directory and Google Workspace, you can maintain your data quicker and easier, while adding people to the system, even if they’re not Asset Panda users. You can also enable and disable access to Asset Panda through Active Directory.

It’s a streamlined way to maintain accurate, real-time data while offering a more holistic view of your asset inventory.

Training Resources: We’ll guide you through everything you need to know

While Asset Panda is very streamlined and easy to use, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer you the resources to learn how to make it more helpful to your asset tracking process. In addition to your original implementation specialist who would be more than happy to walk back through your account with you, there are several resources available to help you during your onboarding process and on an ongoing basis:

  • Video and written documentation to demonstrate additional features
  • Community forum to share ideas and ask questions
  • Webinars to continue education

In addition, if needed, you can make an appointment with one of our product specialists for one-on-one training.

To learn more about how Asset Panda’s features and functions can help you simplify and improve your asset tracking, request a demo today.

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