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We are all looking for ways to do things faster, smarter and cheaper. For the majority of businesses, that also includes the way they track and manage their valuable assets. If the tools and equipment they need for everyday operations goes missing or is inoperable, it can bring work to a screeching halt – affecting employees and the bottom line. When it comes to tracking, inventory barcode software is one of the quickest and most effective ways a company can keep track of their inventory, and the ROI goes beyond a line on a budget sheet.

It used to be that tracking assets and inventory consisted of handwritten ledgers or electronic shared spreadsheets, i.e. Excel documents. While they were useful, initially, as companies inventories grew, it was taking more time to get the data entered in. And that data was limited to the capabilities of the method. Data was becoming full of errors from miskeyed entries or wasn’t entered at all because an employee forgot or was already crunched for time.

Then came the option of using handheld scanners that used barcode technology (think of the codes you see at the store on products that are scanned at check out). While this method was more time-saving, it also allowed for limited data on the asset and the scanners themselves were very expensive and prone to breakdowns and the need to go out of service for repair.

But today, the game of tracking has changed and inventory barcode software has completely flipped the process of tracking and managing assets and inventory for the better.


Automatic reports that are viewable anytime, from anywhere take the guesswork out of very costly decisions.


The benefits of using inventory barcode software
  1. More affordability in that there is no longer a need to purchase expensive hardware that employees need to share and keep track of.
  2. More efficiency in that employees can process asset and/or inventory transactions anywhere in the field at any time, giving fellow co-workers an accurate, up-to-date report of where an asset is, who has it, its check in/check out status, maintenance history, and even how much of an item is in inventory.
  3. Additional features that Excel documents or handheld scanners could never provide such as photographs of an asset or product, alarms or reminders for maintenance/upgrades, GPS positioning, user guides and more.
View your inventory lifecycle

In one simple click, inventory barcode software can give companies the entire lifecycle of an asset and how it’s being used, where it is used (or not used), how often it goes in for repairs, and even depreciation value. All of these factors are important when it comes time to plan for the next year’s purchasing decisions or audits on what a company is using. If an item is not performing up to par, decision-makers can see year-to-year comparisons and decide whether to keep using it, replace it with a different model or eliminate it form usage completely.

Eliminate guesswork

Inventory barcode software also does something very important that so many companies still practice – it eliminates guesswork! Automatic reports that are viewable anytime, from anywhere take the guesswork out of very costly decisions. Employees are more responsible and efficient about how they use their assets and ensuring they are returned and in good working order. And that saves companies money! No more duplicate purchases. No more ghost assets. No more blaming co-workers for taking an item they aren’t allocated to use. No more guessing!!

Security in the cloud

And if security is a concern, that is virtually eliminated as data scanned with inventory barcode software is saved in the cloud. Accidents happen. Security systems are breached. Data can be compromised. Today’s systems incorporate cloud-based software to ensure that you can restore your information in case of emergency right on your mobile device. You can’t do that with an Excel spreadsheet if it’s saved to a hard drive that is destroyed in a fire or on a stolen laptop.

Asset Panda offers a powerful, flexible and yet simple inventory tracking platform incorporating inventory barcode software. Designed to replace expensive and outdated processes, our integrated system combines the use of free mobile iOS and Android apps, the cloud and mobile inventory barcode scanning software using the devices your employees already carry. At any time of day, you’re able to access details such as an item’s check-in/check-out status; its condition and who has it. You also have quick access to that item’s maintenance history, purchase/lease information, and insurance policy. Create work orders, use the GPS feature to track the location and transit of items, even use the tool as an enterprise service desk to cut down on your service calls.

Asset Panda user Guy Lajeunesse, a computer technician with the Canadian private school system Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District des Grandes Rivières (CSCDGR) has had a great experience with Asset Panda and the barcode scanning software. He says:

“We started using Asset Panda just over a year ago and have seen definite changes in our processes. Asset Panda is easy-to-use. We can easily look up serial numbers of assets and see where equipment is located. The barcode scanning has been most beneficial to us in the short time we have migrated to the platform. Right now, our focus is concentrated on getting every one of our assets barcoded and into Asset Panda.”

Maybe it’s time to see how your business needs can be met and even exceeded by the use of inventory barcode software from Asset Panda. Get a free 14-day trial and learn more by visiting today.


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