Inventory Control Tracking Impacts Consumer Perception

In today’s retail environment, inventory control tracking is vital for many reasons. Consumer expectations about service are probably most critical. Why? A consumer who doesn’t have a positive experience is likely to tell her friends. Carrying information far and wide within seconds, social media is among the most common means of recommendation-sharing. And peer recommendations carry more weight than ever with consumers. Study after study has shown how heavily consumers rely on the Internet, including social media, to help guide their purchasing decisions. If you’re out of stock on something your customers want, a good customer service experience might convince them to stick around – if you’re lucky. What happens more often, however, is that you lose a customer. If you want to avoid such situations, the best plan of action is to invest in a reliable, powerful inventory control tracking system that not only helps you stay on top of inventory levels in real time, but also tracks values, minimizes errors, improves tax and insurance accuracy, enhances disaster recovery, and reduces theft and loss while empowering you to make informed decisions about replenishment and distribution.

There are so many opportunities for error when it comes inventory control tracking. On the flip side of the problem described above, if you carry too much inventory, your profit suffers. As that excess inventory sits on the shelf, its quality could be degraded by environmental damage, it might become outdated, and its value most certainly depreciates. Maybe you’ve assigned too much inventory to one location while another site is in need, which can put a kink in productivity (not to mention morale). If you don’t have a reliable means of predicting your needed inventory levels for seasonal conditions, you might result to guesswork and find yourself short or with too much inventory. You also need a method to accurate calculate depreciation and appreciation for your accounting and compliance teams. Those values have a direct impact on your insurance and taxes. Mistakes are costly.

To manage all of these moving parts, you simply can’t rely on a manual system. You need an automated, powerful yet simple to use inventory control tracking system. In short, you need Asset Panda.

With Asset Panda, you have the peace of mind that your inventory-related data is accurate and in real-time, all the time. This mobile platform syncs with cloud and is accessed through free iOS and Android apps. There’s no need for any additional hardware or software to use Asset Panda – only the smartphone or tablet you already carry. In fact, the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. Add as many users as you’d like; there’s no per-user max or upcharge. Asset Panda is the most powerful inventory control tracking system in the world, and yet it’s incredibly intuitive, requiring no special training to master.

Here's a brief tutorial on how to add and configure users to Asset Panda:

Right from the start, you’ll appreciate the efficiencies Asset Panda brings. From the palm of your hand, you have 24-hour access to real-time data (thanks to the cloud) including depreciation and inflation, insurance information, check-in/check-out status, and more. Asset Panda comes with a robust features offering, and nearly every feature is customizable, allowing you to track and manage your inventory any way you want. Create customized reports to share in-depth insights with your stakeholders. Raise the bar on your budgeting and financial preparations, and reduce waste, redundancy, and theft.

It’s easy to transition to Asset Panda’s inventory control tracking platform. Integration with legacy systems is simple, as are data import and export. Asset Panda is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available in the future, and it’s also offered at a price point that ranks among the most competitive you’ll find on the market.

If you’re ready to turn your inventory control function into a well-oiled machine, try Asset Panda free for 14 days.


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