Why Companies Need Inventory Tools For Daily Tracking Operations

Managing inventory is not an easy task. Items are constantly on the go and being moved from office to office, from warehouse to customers, or even from one country to another. Sometimes equipment is out of service for repairs or upgrades. But one thing remains constant – employees need inventory tools that are readily available that provide 4 basic pieces of data:
  • Where their equipment is
  • What condition is it in
  • Who has the equipment
  • Is it safe to use

In our fast-paced, mobile business environment, employees are being held more accountable for ensuring they have accurate knowledge about the equipment they are using and its status. Guesswork about where equipment is or how much inventory is in stock of an item is not acceptable. Company success and employee jobs rely on this data. That’s why it is so critical that companies have solid ways to track and manage inventory and assets and the right inventory tools to make it happen.


"It is so critical that companies have solid ways to track and manage inventory and assets and the right inventory tools to make it happen."


Thankfully there are many options available to businesses that are easy-to-use, customized for their needs and can be operated remotely by multiple users with data being sent back to one central location. And the results of implementing inventory tools as part of an overall tracking and management platform translate into:
  • Significant time savings
  • No more lost items – look up these components and find their locations immediately
  • Eliminate the guesswork from repair and replacement decision-making
  • Reduced taxes
  • Savings on property insurance
  • Reduced asset losses
  • Fast audits
  • More accurate reporting
  • Store all information in one location
  • Save time and money

Here are 3 inventory tools you should have as part of your asset tracking and management platform. If your software doesn’t offer these … then it’s time to make a change.

Built-in Mobile Barcode Scanner

The easiest and least expensive type of barcode scanner is mobile and served up through an app, therefore eliminating the need for separate handheld devices. Working with mobile apps, built-in mobile barcode scanners enable users to scan items using your own smartphone or tablet.

Flexibility and Customization

Look for customization. You want to be able to set up your own parameters for who can see what, and you want to be able to organize and display your data in the way that makes sense for your specific organization. The best systems provide you with robust, totally customizable features and that goes down to the way your reports are formatted and presented.

Cloud-Based Technology

The nature of tracking/managing inventory and the reason it can be challenging is that it’s constantly on the go and so are the people tracking it. Employees are being tasked with being ready to perform whatever is asked of them anytime, from anywhere. With the advent of the cloud, everything is accessible all the time. People are highly trained in the usage of their mobile devices via their daily personal and professional activity on them. They would much rather use the device they know best to do the work they need in the field.

Asset Panda the perfect platform for companies of any size and for any industry who are tracking and managing inventory. Asset Panda helps you keep track of where each item is/was located, type, size it is and builds a service history for each piece of equipment for auditing purposes. It can work as a scheduler, providing custom alerts and calendar/Gantt charts to help schedule service for future updates or when the next service becomes due. In addition, you can even create and manage work orders for equipment maintenance in Asset Panda.

Asset Panda’s inventory tools asset tracking platform features include:
  • Comprehensive directory of all of your vital equipment
  • Look up the complete history of the equipment
  • Track assets by the vendor
  • Look up parent/child relationships among equipment
  • Check-in/out – you know where your assets are at any time
  • Notify technicians of lease expirations
  • Schedule routine maintenance
  • No additional hardware/software needed – use the mobile devices you already carry

Learn more about all Asset Panda can offer your company and take advantage of a free 14-day trial. Visit www.assetpanda.com today and add us as your inventory tool of choice!

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