Managing Your Processes, People, and Technology with Asset Panda


As a business leader, you manage many moving parts on a daily basis, from teams and devices to business objectives and budgets. Not to mention, you’re likely managing these aspects across various tools and spreadsheets, making it difficult to see all your priorities at once. This can not only lead to siloed information but siloed teams and decision making.  

So, what if you could manage everything in one convenient and centralized place? You can with Asset Panda. Let’s look at how Asset Panda helps you manage your processes, people, and technology all in one platform. 


Proper asset tracking and management are key to optimizing device usage and improving processes throughout your organization. Let’s face it – you've already made a huge investment in your IT devices and other assets, and now it’s time to protect that investment. That’s why Asset Panda allows you to perform various actions and track the complete history of these items. This way, you can: 

  • Check devices in and out 
  • Anticipate upcoming maintenance 
  • Forecast future purchasing needs 
  • Conduct audits of your asset inventory as well as the performance of those assets 
  • Manage device warranties and other security information 
  • Mark assets as damaged or to be disposed of 

    When your team can check laptops in and out or flag them for repair in one easy-to-use solution, you’ll streamline workflows to save time and, in turn, resources. These processes not only build accountability but also help you more closely track exactly what’s going on with your assets. When you know exactly where your devices are and what condition they’re in, you can better understand their lifecycle and anticipate when they’ll need to be serviced or replaced.


    Typically, you select a comprehensive asset management platform to manage your assets and the processes around them. But with Asset Panda, you can track everything from your physical and digital assets to your employees. For example, your HR department can add new employees to the platform, store relevant documents like their I-9s, and keep track of their on-the-job training as it’s completed. This makes it easy to track your headcount and any new hires or employee turnover. 

    While you can easily keep track of your employees within Asset Panda, you can also add unlimited users to the platform and get your entire team on the same page. You can even customize each user’s permission level so you can designate the right access to your end users, managers, and administrators. This is especially useful for remote teams or companies with multiple locations, so everyone can work together to keep your asset estate up to date in real time.  

    Plus, getting your team aligned allows you to increase accountability and compliance in your asset management practices. If you’re ever having trouble locating a device, you can simply go into its record history to see where it’s located, who it’s assigned to, and who checked it out to the assignee. Increased accountability means a reduced risk of loss and less unforeseen costs.


    Technology is a critical resource in any organization, big or small. Just like your company requires a CRM to manage customer relationships or an ERP to manage finances, CIOs and CTOs like you also need a platform to manage your many technologies. Without it, your data will be fragmented, leading your team to need way more time to collect data from various sources and put it together in a holistic view. 

    With Asset Panda, you can keep all your data in one centralized place and unify your various technologies through integrations. Whether it be a service desk, an active directory, or a SSO provider, Asset Panda can integrate with your other software to streamline workflows across your entire tech stack and improve data hygiene. 

    For example, say you've integrated Asset Panda with your service desk or ticketing system (e.g., Zendesk, Jira). When you need support or maintenance for a certain device, you can perform an action directly in Asset Panda that creates a ticket in your integrated system. This not only saves everyone valuable time but breaks down silos across your tech stack to help your team work smarter.

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    These are just 3 examples of how your Asset Panda platform can help you manage the pieces of your business that matter most. With our fully customizable software, you can get your entire team on the same page, unify your tech stack, and minimize your total cost of ownership by extending the life of your assets. 

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