Protect Your Biggest Investment with PC Asset Tracking

Companies have lots of assets that they have to keep up with on a daily basis. IT equipment is most likely one of your company’s biggest investments and PC asset tracking is probably one of the most common activities when it comes to overall asset tracking and management. We rely on PC assets for just about everything we do both in and out of the office environment.

While you may think your company knows where each and every PC asset is and who has it and its condition – chances are that they actually do not! Many companies used to rely on manual asset tracking systems, such as electronic spreadsheets like Excel. But these spreadsheets were full of errors and were never fully up to date with the most accurate and usable data.

As companies grow, so do their PC assets and managing and tracking the increase in equipment tends to fall through the cracks. Manually entering data about each piece as it’s added can be time-consuming and not necessarily top of mind for employees. And if they are sharing a spreadsheet and it’s not available at the time one employee needs it, he/she could simply forget to add their data in.


"Spreadsheets were full of errors and were never fully up to date with the most accurate and usable data."


Basic Benefits of PC Asset Tracking

That’s where PC asset tracking and affiliated IT tracking software is so beneficial to companies of all sizes across all industries. If you never thought about PC asset tracking before, maybe you should consider the following benefits:
  • PC asset tracking helps companies automate asset discovery in tandem with reporting and tracking of your IT infrastructure for all of your departments.
  • Help desks simplify the IT inventory process, managing purchase orders and work orders for parts and billing.
  • The software identifies both software and hardware assets through information like make, model, host name, serial number, installed software, memory, hard drive, and more.
  • A good PC asset tracking system allows you to make informed decisions about the allocation of your IT assets, protecting your bottom line and equipping your employees with the tools they need for success.
Assets on the Move

Another major benefit of PC asset tracking is the ability to keep up with assets that are on the move. We definitely have a more mobile workforce and assets are constantly changing hands and being taken from one location to another. Proper PC asset tracking enables employees to see where certain assets are, who has them and their check in/check out status. Being armed with this knowledge keeps work from stopping and employees can find alternative assets if needed and workflow continues to move.

Financial Savings

As stated earlier, IT assets are some of the biggest expenses your company makes. They are trusting their employees to handle their assets with care and keep up with them at all times. By utilizing a PR asset tracking platform, employees are held more accountable for the assets they use and are more responsible when they are in their hands. This accountability translates into savings in that companies aren’t having to pay for replacements when assets are lost or misplaced, and employees are more aware of when equipment needs upgrades or repairs. All of this awareness goes back to the bottom line and towards money that can be spent more wisely.

PC asset tracking also helps when it comes to budgeting, audits and figuring out depreciation figures for items in use.

Asset Panda offers a PC asset tracking solution that syncs with the cloud and includes incredibly robust features in one easy-to-use platform. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps include a built-in mobile barcode scanner and eliminates the need for any additional hardware, software or software licenses -- saving you money. The cloud enables the app to serve up your data in real time 24 hours a day, and you can add an unlimited number of users at no additional cost.

Asset Panda’s puts the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital IT assets in the palm of your hand. Choose the features most relevant to your business, all of which are completely customizable, from the dashboard, asset listing view, fields and columns to notifications, alerts, security settings and reports, among others, so you can track your assets any way you want.

Asset Panda’s PC asset tracking solution will save you time and money while promoting accountability, accuracy, and responsibility throughout your organization. Click here for a free tour and start your free 14-day trial today.


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