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If you haven’t considered IT asset tracking software, you can’t afford not to. IT assets are likely to be among the biggest investments for any organization. Not only are computers, monitors, laptops and mobile devices expensive; they also carry significant risk. Those devices store sensitive data, and they’re often in transit, taken from office to office, to conference rooms, to the home and on business trips. The opportunity for theft or loss is great. An effective tracking system allows you to monitor an asset’s movement any time of day or night, manage and schedule maintenance, report depreciation and inflation, prevent guesswork and frustration, and maximize the lifespan of that asset. IT asset tracking software also empowers you to make informed decisions about where your assets are allocated, so you don’t have assets sitting idle when they’re needed elsewhere.

While there are a lot of software products out on the market, you’ll actually find quite a bit of difference among them when you dig beneath the surface. They vary significantly in terms of price point, features, flexibility of those features, customer service and ease of use. What you should be looking for is an IT asset tracking software solution that adapts to how you work now and in the future – so as your needs change, you can continue to rely on that software to help you track and manage your assets. The most effective asset tracking programs bring in every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of an asset, which closes the communication loop and increases accountability. You need an asset tracking solution that’s user-friendly and intuitive. When there’s no intimidation factor, your employees are far more likely to use the software regularly. Related to ease of use is the flexibility of features. The best asset tracking software enables you to customize how your data is displayed, and perform custom actions like notifications and alerts. You should be able to modify the display and security settings for various employees. And you should be able to import and export data quickly and easily. Quite simply, your IT asset tracking software should make your job easier.

Asset Panda invested years of research, development and testing before introducing its mobile asset tracking platform. Our philosophy has never changed; we believe that clients should be able to track their assets exactly how they want, and our tool should be flexible enough to adapt as their needs change. Based on feedback from our clients, we built into Asset Panda an extensive features offering, and we’re continuing to expand those features on a near-continual basis. Clients select the features they want, and everything is customizable, from the user-friendly dashboard to columns and fields to reports, security settings, notifications and alerts. Our free mobile iOS and Android app contains the entire lifecycle of your vital assets. There’s no need for additional hardware or software, and the app contains a mobile barcode scanner. From the palm of your hand – even at 3 a.m. – you have instant access to real-time, cloud-synched data and can view such details as an item’s check-in/check-out status, insurance expiration, maintenance schedule, GPS location, depreciation calculations and so much more. You can create work orders and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, which cuts down significantly on your support call volume.

From a customer service standpoint, Asset Panda helps you raise the bar on the service you offer because it’s a powerful tool for keeping all stakeholders in communication, eliminating guesswork and facilitating quick responses. This is a tool that helps you run your organization more efficiently while you generate measurable savings of revenue. Asset Panda entitles you to an unlimited number of users, and because all you need is the mobile device you already carry, we can offer our service at a price point our competitors can’t even touch.

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