Track Your School Bus Fleets With Ease Using a Cloud-Based Software


School districts have a fleet of buses that help children get to school. From elementary to high school-aged children, some kids don’t live close enough or have the ability to get a ride to school. Even for students who can get to school, field trips require a certain amount of buses, depending on how many people need to travel.

Manage School Bus Fleet Repairs Before Buses Break

When your drivers are constantly updating how far they’ve traveled, it’s easy to send things in before they break. You can set an alert to let you know when vehicles have traveled 10,000 miles, so you can send it in for regular maintenance. Or, you can schedule it to happen every couple of months; depending on what works best for your fleet.

Keeping your fleets maintained regularly helps prevent breakdowns and catastrophic failures during operation hours. That means none of your kids will get stranded, and detour your educators’ plans.

Know When its Time to Update Your Vehicles

Your buses can only drive for so long. Whether you need to retire them as soon as they reach a specific mileage, or after a certain amount of time. Even if that time isn’t for 10 years, you can still set reminders to ping you when you need to acquire new vehicles.

Or, perhaps you don’t have to acquire completely new vehicles. Maybe you just need to get new parts. You can still set up notifications to remind you to order those parts and get them installed during school downtimes.

Having everything all in one place can also help you schedule repairs, maintenance, and part replacement during times where your vehicles won’t be in use. You can have them go into the shop over the summer when the kids are out of school. Or, for smaller repairs, they can go in during the day.

Asset Panda’s customizable platform can easily be structured to help you track buses as they are in operation. We know it’s important for you to keep your school bus fleet operating smoothly. Otherwise, how will your students get to school?

Our platform can easily notify you when your vehicles need to be repaired or replaced. You can also have it tell you when certain milestones have been reached (such as mileage) and when you need to send certain vehicles in for a check-up.


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