6 Ways Tracking Tool Software Can Help You Stay Organized

Businesses in all industries rely on tools to meet their clients’ needs. While construction and warehouse companies can access specialized tracking tool software to meet their needs, they aren’t the only businesses that will benefit from using an asset tracking system.

Small- and medium-sized businesses have several assets they need to track. If a physical asset is big enough to put a bar code tag on, then you can track it.

There are several ways tool-tracking asset software can help your business succeed.

Make Your Tool-Tracking Process More Efficient

Even with all of the technological advancements, many businesses still use spreadsheets to track their assets. Not only is this difficult to maintain, but it can get confusing and inaccurate. With asset tracking software, you can make sure your database is kept up-to-date. All of your employees can access and change information on the database, so you’ll know in real time the location and state of each of your tools.

Avoid Miscommunication

Sometimes it can feel like your company is playing one big game of telephone. When communications go through several people, the information can get distorted and lead to confusion among workers. With a centralized database, you won’t have to wonder if your information is correct. Everyone will have access to the same information and can act with the right data at hand.

Simplify Purchase Decisions

If you don’t know your inventory, you might buy product you don’t need, or run out of something too soon. Tracking tool software can help you track information like purchase habits and tool lifespan. You can also see exactly what your company has on hand. With this information, you’ll know exactly what to buy and when.

Maintain Tools and Equipment

If you don’t keep data on your equipment and tools, you run the risk of unexpected asset damage. If a tool breaks and you don’t have a backup, your entire workflow comes to a halt. But when you can keep your assets in top condition, you won’t have to worry about going without. The right system helps you track maintenance history, which can help you plan preventative repairs in the least disruptive way.

Prevent Asset Loss

When you have an asset tracking system in place, you know the condition and location of your tools and equipment at any given time. This makes it difficult for your assets to disappear without notice. If some tools or equipment do go missing, you can pull up the database and find the location where the asset was last seen and visit that area. Preventing asset loss also saves you the cost of replacing what you lose.

Prepare For Every Job

If your team uses company tools to perform client work, it can be difficult to know what tools are necessary. Tracking tool software can help you track tool requirements for different kinds of jobs. When your employees pull up these records, they can also see where to find each tool. All of this information will help your employees save valuable company time and money.

Asset Panda can help you do all of this and more. With an easy-to-use platform available on your employees’ mobile devices, you won’t have to spend large amounts of time learning the software. Our cloud-based database makes it so your employees can update asset records from anywhere at any time.

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