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Asset Tracking Software for Nonprofits


Nonprofits now have an alternative to expensive inventory management software systems or worse no system at all. Nonprofits are looking for systems that their employees will actually use that require very little to no training and can be rapidly deployed across an organization. The world has changed and so does the old school business models. Most of the systems are based on antiquated pay per concurrent user models that only reflect a software company’s ability to sell an organization on what they can convince them they will need.


Asset Panda is here to the rescue. We are a talented group of software and business people with common sense. We use that common sense to build a new world inventory software system leveraging mobile apps and Cloud Platform. Making the transition to a Cloud and Mobile App system from Asset Panda saves time and money. Our system can be up and running quickly allowing you to get back to your job.  Join people all over the world who trust Asset Panda to track their inventory.

bg A Better Way of Working…

  • FREE Mobile Apps and Powerful (SaaS) Platform
  • Use the devices your employees already have
  • No more expensive scanners, software or spreadsheets
  • Track and Manage your assets at the same time
  • Adapts to the way you work
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Inventory management software is rapidly changing for the better. Asset Panda was built with these fundamental assumptions:

  • The world is now mobile
  • Your employees use smart phones or tablets
  • Your employees would rather use their own smart phone than a separate hardware scanner that is expensive and they would responsible for if lost or broken.
  • Your employees understand how to download a FREE app
  • Your employees would rather use a highly intuitive app than a software system they would need training to use.
  • Nonprofts needs better information updated more frequently
  • Our users should pay for the inventory they track not for Users!!!

Asset Panda tracks millions of inventory items all over the world for nonprofits that share our vision. Overall nonprofits are looking for the benefit of this new model not only in lower overall cost of ownership but with better inventory management.

Here are some of the benefits of our inventory management software for nonprofits:

  • Low cost
  • Minimal training required
  • Central view for executives to see all assets across department
  • Auto-reminders/email notifications of upcoming maintenance required
  • Reports showing and filtering for asset types, assignees, ages of asset, last maintenance performed, etc.
  • Quick implementation
  • Simple for employees to learn/us

The results of implementing a mobile and cloud based inventory management software for nonprofits:

  • Significant time savings
  • People across the nonprofit organization will use it Happily!!!
  • No more lost items – look up these components and find their locations immediately
  • Eliminate guesswork from repair and replacement decision-making
  • Reduced taxes
  • Savings on property insurance
  • Reduced asset losses
  • Fast audits
  • More accurate reporting
  • Know what you own
  • Know where your assets are
  • Know who has them
  • Know what condition they are in
  • Store all information related to an Asset in one location
  • Save Time and Money!!!