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Asset tracking for educational institutions shouldn’t be a complicated and time consuming process. Asset Panda’s Asset Tracking and Management Platform makes it simple to inventory your school’s assets and the task of managing them more efficient. By cataloging and organizing everything from computers and calculators to books and classroom supplies, Asset Panda gives you anytime anywhere access to real-time asset information, even tracking student-issued and grant-funded assets as well.

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Classroom management, paperwork, standardized exams and many other tedious tasks occupy a very significant part of a teacher’s day. Tracking, managing, and supporting their assets should be stress-free and uncomplicated. Asset Panda is highly configurable to become whatever you need it to be, and since it uses devices your team is already using, it can work the way you do to make previously tedious tasks easier than ever.

Taking care of your school’s assets is an important job, but shouldn’t be taking any time away from focusing on your students. Education asset tracking software can help simplify asset management for your school. Asset Panda’s asset management software not only helps you manage your school’s assets, but also makes it easier to organize all your inventory, including everything from books to classroom equipment.

Using education tracking software will give your school an easy to use platform that puts your asset data at your fingertips. With Asset Panda, you can catalog and organize all your school’s assets and even track student-issued and grant-funded assets as well. Our solution for asset management for schools is designed specifically to meet the asset management needs of educational institutions. This will help you spend your time taking care of your students, not your assets.

Asset Panda’s education asset tracking software is the only asset management tool you need. All of your data is stored in a centralized database that is hosted in the Cloud. Our asset management for schools solution is easy to use and can track and manage asset data right from your smartphone, tablet or computer, so there’s no need for expensive scanners or hardware.

Manage classroom supplies, materials and equipment from wherever you are by scanning barcodes or QR codes with our free mobile app, eliminating laborious and complicated steps. Education asset tracking software will help make taking care of your educational institution’s property easy and efficient. Upload data, photos, documents and notes right from your device. Customize any data field to fit your needs, so everyone on your team can access a database designed specifically for asset management for schools to get up-to-date information on any asset. Our platform is customizable to your specific needs, allowing you to organize data fields the way you want and make adjustments at any time.

You can even add the Asset Panda Enterprise Service Desk Configuration to streamline support and maintenance services, significantly reducing support calls.

Want to put Asset Panda’s education asset tracking software to work for your school? We can help you work smarter.

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Enterprise service desk configuration available to add on to help manage maintenance and service requests.

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