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Mobile Asset Tracking for the Retail Industry


Retail companies have a unique set of issues when tracking their assets.  The nature of the retail business means you have multiple locations and typically a less experienced workforce.  Complex asset tracking systems just don’t cut it.

Asset Panda’s approach of allowing unlimited users leveraging free mobile apps and a cloud-based platform works perfectly for retail.  The employees in the store simply download the free app on their mobile device and enter their secure log in.  They are given secure access for their location and if required only certain types of assets in that location.  They can then perform fast secure audits to let the home office know what they have and what condition it is in.

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Retailers are looking for Asset Tracking systems that are easy to use, mobile, affordable, secure and rapidly deployable.  Asset Panda is the answer.  We leverage the cloud and free mobile apps to help retailers get the information they need about their assets.  Our retail clients know where their assets are, who has them and what condition those assets are in.


All the data about an asset is stored in one safe and secure location. Your retail employee simply logs into Asset Panda and scans the barcode or Asset ID to have access to a complete record of that asset along with any attached materials such as documents, photos and videos. If for example, an specific equipment requires training, you can attach the training materials directly with that asset.

With turnover typically high, you cannot afford to implement a system that requires extensive training. Asset Panda is simple to use with a very intuitive platform. Our system records the entire lifecycle of an asset including tracking, repair history, warranty, and assignment history. Other capabilities include: custom reports, depreciation calculation, mobile enterprise service desk, and much more. Leading retailers are recognizing that better asset tracking processes will lead to lower cost of doing business by reducing loss, property taxes, and the amount of insurance they are required to carry.  All the home office needs to do is run reports to get detailed, real time data from the field.

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