Avoid Costly Preventative Maintenance Training With Asset Panda

Anyone who has worked with a new hire is familiar with the hassles training brings. No matter how skilled the employee you're working with, there's a necessary learning curve everyone encounters. Add different learning styles to the mix, and it can feel like an impossible task.

Even current employee training can get messy. When you have your team assembled in order to teach them the latest software, or to train them in a new procedure, you can encounter several issues. Team members spend time talking to each other instead of paying attention, or get caught up in an inconsequential detail. Pretty soon, you can feel like the whole thing wasn't worth your time. And who knows if your team members learned anything along the way?

When it comes to preventative maintenance training, you don't want to risk your employees not knowing what to do. Especially when your company needs to rely on your assets to get the job done. You need a reliable solution to track your maintenance needs. One that doesn't require your employees to undergo rigorous training.

Asset Panda's intuitive platform can help your company reduce time spent on preventative maintenance training. In fact, we designed our platform to be so easy-to-use, you may not need to train your employees at all.

We designed our asset tracking software to adapt to what you need. Your company isn't like any other company, so why should you have to adapt to a software program? Unlimited configuration options allow you to set up the software in a way that compliments any systems you already have in place. Out platform also easily integrates with any existing legacy software or spreadsheets you've previously used to track maintenance data. You won't have to worry about data migration either.

We understand your company works on the go. Our software works well as a desktop application, but you and your employees can also access it on-the-go with our complimentary mobile app. You and your team already carry smart phones with you. When you are creating a maintenance schedule, you might need to access your asset database in an office environment. But most of the time, you'll need to access data in the field, where situations can change in an instant. Our mobile database allows you to pull up asset records any time any where, so you can get them when you need them. The information is securely stored in the cloud, where your team can access up to date records.

Asset Panda features several software integrations. We know you rely on several other programs to keep your company running. The best software works well together, and you shouldn't have to worry about making your programs play nice. Some of our integrations include Mail Chimp, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Active Directory. We have several other integrations on the way, and are happy to help you find one that suits your needs.

No one likes to go through lengthy and complicated training sessions. That's why we designed our software in an intuitive way. Our hope is that we've eliminated the need for training altogether. However, we know that unexpected issues are bound to arise. Our customer support team is happy to assist you with any issues over the phone or through our integrated chat system.

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Bree Brouwer

Bree has held plenty of media- and marketing-related jobs over the years now, like working as a PR and marketing assistant to a Hollywood screenwriting coach, and writing content for three different digital marketing agencies.

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