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You’ll find a lot of fixed asset solutions on the market these days. And little wonder: Regardless of size or the industry they represent, organizations have within their inventories fixed assets that are vital for their success. What exactly does the term “fixed asset” mean? Website defines a fixed asset as “a long-term tangible piece of property that a firm owns or uses in the production of its income and is not expected to be consumed or converted into cash sooner that at least one year’s time.” Fixed assets can include anything from furniture and equipment to buildings and real estate. Under this definition, every organization has within its ownership fixed assets. Those assets must be tracked and reported for business and tax reasons. All too often, however, businesses have no idea of the scope of the fixed assets they own, who has them or what their condition might be. In the worst-case scenario, they may be paying taxes and insurance on assets that, unbeknownst to them, they don’t have in their inventory anymore. And that’s a costly oversight. Companies stand to save a considerable sum of time and money – not to mention frustration – with a fixed asset tracking tool that’s not only powerful and accurate, but also easy to use and flexible. After all, if the tool isn’t easy to use, employees won’t use it.

Organizations traditionally have tracked their assets through a manual process involving Excel spreadsheets. That’s a flawed process for many reasons: It’s subject to human error (a simple incorrect keystroke can cost you), it’s dependent upon an employee or employees maintaining it on a regular basis, and it can fall through the cracks when reorganization or turnover occurs. Given the volume of fixed assets owned by any organization, and the speed and regularity at which they change hands, companies who want to raise the bar on their efficiencies would be wise to seek out a real-time, mobile platform for their asset tracking needs. And that’s where Asset Panda comes in.

Asset Panda is the No. 1 fixed asset tracking platform in the world. It’s a powerful, yet extremely simple to use tool that combines the use of apps and cloud technology to deliver real-time, accurate data about your vital assets. Using our free mobile Android and iOS apps, our clients have at their fingertips the entire lifecycle of every asset within their inventory, including their exact location and condition. They can check items in and out and make informed decisions about equipment maintenance, repair and replacement. The tool allows them to issue work orders, create customized reports and notifications, and deliver the information their accounting and compliance departments require. In terms of time alone, the savings Asset Panda can bring are enormous. But, when a company is able to rely on the accuracy of their data, the result on their bottom-line revenues can be even more significant.

The Asset Panda tool is completely customizable, giving clients the flexibility to organize and display information about their vital assets exactly how they want. And our clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users. Best of all, everything you need to use Asset Panda is in the palm of your hand; the tool requires no additional hardware or software to operate. Enter all of your assets into the tool using the app’s mobile barcode scanner. Asset Panda isn’t just the most powerful and flexible tool on the market, it’s also the best value, hands down.

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