Ditch Preventative Maintenance Forms For an Easier Audit Process

It's a new year, which means more money in the budget for your asset needs. Unfortunately, for many companies, that also means time for audits. The big boss needs to make sure operations are functioning properly before he or she can approve additional funding for your department.

Many audits require paperwork to ensure each department is following the proper procedures and protocols. Despite all the advances in technology, many companies still track maintenance needs and records manually using preventative maintenance forms because of the paperwork needed to pass company audits.

What many companies don't realize is that you don't have to use pen and paper or antiquated data entry to keep up with your preventative maintenance needs. Asset Panda's tracking software will help you keep all of your asset information in one location, including complicated maintenance records.

There are several ways Asset Panda can help you provide proof of maintenance and asset care.

Asset entries should have all of the relevant maintenance information in them. As long as your team has  a procedure in place to encourage frequent database corrections, you can reduces errors in your records and access maintenance proof at any time and from any place. When your company waits until they know about an audit before compiling and reviewing maintenance records, stress levels tend to run high. When you or your team are rushed, you're more likely to make mistakes or miss valuable information necessary for your audit to go well. Asset Panda's cloud-based platform makes it easy for you and your team to record information and potential issues as they arise instead of trying to remember the last time you took an asset in for repairs.

The auditing professionals can access the database themselves. You won't have to spend extra time creating reports with the information they need to assess your department. Many departments are not equipped to create the reports necessary for audit requirements. Unless they have someone who is familiar with writing reports and who knows exactly what information the auditing professionals need, they run the risk of omitting necessary details. By providing everyone on the auditing team access to your asset maintenance database, you can ensure they know about your maintenance efforts.

You can use Asset Panda to create maintenance reports. Automated report generation means you don't have to spend extra time compiling data about the actions your department has completed throughout the year. Since everyone on your team can access the database, you don't have to worry about updating each entry at the beginning of the year. Your team members can help you keep your database updated in a natural and organic way. Our platform works well with several mobile devices, so your team can pull up the database and update relevant entries as soon as changes and maintenance needs occur.

If you still want to use preventative maintenance forms during the asset audit process, Asset Panda can help you obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information necessary. The flexible platform offers unlimited configurability, so you can set up your system in such a way that you can produce completed preventative maintenance forms with the data in your system.

Preparing for an audit shouldn't be hard or stressful. If your company is functioning the way it should, you'll be able to pass surprise audits with little to no stress on your part. Asset Panda's tracking software helps you reduce stress and know you can handle an audit any time of the year.

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