How Preventative Maintenance Management Software Can Save You Hundreds of Hours


You know you need to maintain your equipment, but the thought of taking the time out of your busy schedule to keep up with paperwork prevents you from doing so. Tracking down employees to figure out which machines have been used the most and sifting through repair receipts takes up an incredible amount of time. Studies estimate that searching for papers and misplaced documents can take up 38 hours each year per employee. That's almost an entire work week lost on trying to find the right slip of paper.

You can cut down this time and save your company an incredible amount of money by relying on preventative maintenance management software. This software is designed to help you monitor your business practices in real time instead of relying on the slow trickle of a paper trail. Maintenance management software is designed to help you keep track of all of the information you need to keep your machines at top performance.

Maintenance software helps you easily track the following:

Asset Life Cycle

It's important to know how long you can expect your asset to last. Some assets outlast their expected lifespan, while others become unusable long before their time. If you tend to buy your equipment from the same manufacturer, and that equipment keeps having the same issues, you'll be able to tell from the asset life cycle records. Having this information will help you decide who to continue purchasing your assets from when it comes time to invest in new ones.

Repair History

With repair history, you can see what sorts of issues your assets are prone to having. If you can see patterns in your asset history, you can take your equipment in before the issues resurface. Repair history will also help you see if your assets are worth continuing to maintain, or if it would be better for you to invest in a replacement.

Usage Reports

Knowing how and where your equipment is being used will help you better determine the cause of asset issues. If you find a certain machine seems to develop issues after being used at the same facility, you can investigate that location and find out why this keeps happening. Usage reports will also help you see which assets are in high demand and which ones are seldom used. Having this information helps you make the right purchase decisions and only spend on assets you will continue to use.

Maintenance Costs

You invest a lot of money into your assets. Most of the time, fixing your assets is more cost-effective than purchasing new ones. However, it's possible you have some assets that are sucking up your repair budget with excessive maintenance costs. Having all of your repair records in one place helps you see exactly how much you're spending on repairs, and where you might be able to save on them.

Asset Panda's preventative maintenance management software helps you keep all of your maintenance information in one centralized database. By having all of your asset information gathered in one place, you can predict specific issues and prevent potential problems before they become serious. Our easy to use platform means you won't be spending hours teaching your team how to use the software. We know you have better things to do than implement a new system, so we've made it as easy as possible for you to integrate in your workflow.

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